View our guide to India's Holi Festival of Colours and plan a trip or holiday to India during this period to experience this wonderful event for yourself.


What is the Holi Festival

This festival is a worldwide event where Hindu's around the world gather to celebrate Indian culture, we think India is the best destination to experience the celebrations although you can see parades and events in places with high Hindu populations like the UK, Malaysia and Nepal.

Every year the date for the festival differs, you will need to check this in advance of booking a trip, usually it is in February and March. You can get close to the action and witness events throughout India, in large cities there are usually bigger and bold celebrations whilst you can also see smaller celebrations in remote towns and villages.

This is a very religous and spiritual event, do don't expect to arrive and everyone to be getting drunk. This is a time of the year where Hindu's welcome the arrival of a new season, some celebrations last a day, most last 3 days whilst there are some which last over 5 weeks!


Best Places to Attend the Holi Festival in India

Popular places to experience India's Holi festival include Delhi, Dharamasala, Jaipur, Mathura, Vrindivan and Mumbai. 


What to Expect

Every place in India celebrates this festival differently but below is an idea of what to expect:

  • Bonfires, street parades and events
  • Colour Colour Colour - this is one of the brightest festivals in the world
  • Music both modern and holy
  • People chanting Holi Holi Holi
  • Sometimes animals can be involved like elephant parades
  • Even the most loud and wild celebrations can have religious undertones so be respectful
  • Food and drink, you can sample some of the local cuisine most of which is home made especially for this period

As a tourist you can still get involved in the celebrations even if you are not religious or a Hindu. Start planning your trip to India today and check out this festival next year by booking one of our India tours


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