6 Reasons to Move to Bangalore

Sure, Bombay is sexier and Delhi has better infrastructure, but Bangalore has a lot to offer anyone looking for a change in scenery. Read on to find out why Bangalore is a great place to live!


1. The Startup Scene is Booming

Most of the up-and-coming startups have their roots in Bangalore, so there are a ton of opportunities if that is your thing. Between the tech hub and the affordability, more and more startups are setting up their bases in Bangalore to get more bang for their buck. Come join them and see what all the fuss is about.


2. You can get any Cuisine you Desire


Because Bangalore has residents from all over South India, the food offerings are spectacular and there are new restaurants opening every week. From traditional dishes like masala dosa and butter chicken to Western favourites like burritos and bottomless brunches, Bangalore has a little bit of everything.


3. Delicious Craft Beers Around Every Corner

Craft breweries are popping up all over the city, and Bangaloreans sing their praises. From seasonal beers to everyday IPAs and stouts, there is something for every beer lover for miles around. After all, they don’t call us the Pub City for nothing.


4. There is a Thriving Expat Population

As more and more people settle in Bangalore for short- and long-term stints, the options for expats have grown by leaps and bounds. There are weekly get-togethers organized by the Bangalore Expat Club, and it has become increasingly easier to meet fellow expats or transplants from other parts of India.


5. It's Accessible

Bangalore’s location makes it a great place for both domestic and international travel. There are daily flights to a number of destinations, and there are regular trains and buses as well. You can reach Bombay or Delhi in just over two hours, and Colombo is just a 1.5 hour flight away. If you are travelling by road, Mysore is only a 3 hour drive, and the beaches of Gokarna or Goa are an overnight bus or train ride.


6. And best of all, IT’S AFFORDABLE

Prices are rising, just as they are everywhere else, but Bangalore is still an affordable city to live in. Rent prices for houses are reasonable, and transportation is quite cheap. You can enjoy a nice night on the town without breaking your bank, and weekend getaways won’t use up all your savings.


Yes, Bangalore has its share of problems, just like every other city in the world, but the pros of moving here far outweigh the cons. If you are looking for a change, look no farther than India’s own Garden City.


By Veena Rangaswami


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