Zomato realise food tastes better when someone else is cooking and it’d be a pity to auction off your last remaining possessions for a bite, we’ve put together some top pocket-friendly places to visit:


1. The Orange Buffalo

There’s only one thing better than chicken wings. And that’s award-winning chicken wings.

There are multiple spice levels for the more adventurous, and every £6 basket of 8 wings comes with celery sticks and a gorgeous blue cheese dip.

If you visit between noon and 3, you could plump for their incredible lunch special - wings, fries or onion rings, dip and a drink - all for just £6.50!

PS. You can buy their special sauces to make your own at home.


2. Pizza Union

Pizza Union

If pizza isn’t in your top 5 favourite foods of all time, you’re probably eating it wrong. Just one visit to this Spitalfields haven and you’ll be convinced everything should come on a 12” wood-fired flatbread.

Even the most exorbitant pizza on the menu is just £6.50, and that comes loaded with beef, chicken and pepperoni! The margherita remains a classic though.


3. Chop Chop Noodles

Chop Chop Noodles

Often the last tenner in your pocket conjures up mental images of an uninspiring meal cobbled together with supermarket fare. But at Chop Chop, you can stuff yourself silly on fish, pork, and poultry with an Asian twist. Their portions of delectable Asian fare are enormous, and nothing costs more than £5.20.


4. The Kati Roll Company

Kati Roll Company

Replicating the kati roll, a street food staple of Calcutta, is near impossible. But the folks at this quaint cafe come pretty damn close. The roll itself is a delightfully efficient meal: a toasted roti, enclosing chunks of meat and veg, perfect when on-the-go. The most you’ll end up spending on a roll is a fiver.  The pièce de résistance however, is the green chutney, which just lifts the rolls to a whole other level.


5. The Stockpot

Best Places to Eat Out in London on a Budget - The Stockpot

Street food and quick bites are all very well, but even a full, hearty meal can be just as economical. Proof? The Stockpot. Choose from an array of pastas, salads, omelettes and grills, not one of which will burn a hole in your pocket.

The grilled salmon steak in particular, comes highly recommended, as does the smoked salmon and avocado starter. Top the meal off with apple crumble or their delicious golden syrup sponge pudding.


6. Battersea Pie Station

Best Places to Eat Out in London on a Budget - Battersea Pie Station

We can’t talk about street food without mentioning pies. They are perhaps the second-most quintessential British snack, edged out narrowly by fish & chips.

The Battersea Pie Station covers all the classics, such as steak & kidney, beef & onion, and the traditional pork pie. Peas and mashed potatoes make their obligatory appearance on the menu. A pie and a beer for just about £10.


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