5 Dishes You Must Try in Thailand

5 Dishes You Must Try in Thailand

Across the globe Thai food has become a firm favourite amongst  foodies. It’s not hard to see why, what with the fresh ingredients, delicious flavourings and high nutrition content, it’s a win-win situation! There’s an endless list of the huge variety of dishes that Thailand offers, but there are definitely a few that stick out and are popular favourites among the masses. 

So whether you’re planning a trip to the incredible land of smiles and want to discover a few Thai classics to keep an eye out for, or whether you simply want to sample a couple of dishes in your local restaurant, have a peek at our list of 5 must-try Thai dishes.


1. Tom Yum Soup

Tom yum, otherwise known as tom yam soup is a classic Thai snack dish, but if thickened up with prawns or meat it can be substantial enough for a main course. It has a sour and spicy taste and is bursting with exciting flavours and fragrant herbs such as lemongrass, fish sauce and lime juice. A great Thai dish to try that is both healthy and inexpensive.


2. Panang Curry

Must Things to Eat in Thailand - Panaeng curry

Panang curry is a red, creamy, mild curry packed full of a diverse range of spices and herbs such as chili pepper, lemongrass, garlic, cumin, coriander and turmeric. Peanuts and coconut milk are the key ingredients, creating an extremely rich, nutty and thick sauce. The curry is usually eaten with beef or lamb but it tastes great with fish too, or as a veggie option, tofu and served with a simple side dish of sticky rice.


3. Massaman Curry

Must Things to Eat in Thailand - Massaman Curry

Massaman curry is another Thai dish that is spicy and rich in flavour, although surprisingly it tastes almost more like an Indian curry than Thai. The thick sauce brims with chopped potatoes, heavy coconut cream, crunchy peanuts and usually, beef or lamb as the main source of protein. Sprinkled with sliced chilli and a handful of crushed peanuts and the curry is ready to go!


4. Pad Thai

Must Things to Eat in Thailand - Pad Thai

Perhaps the most well-known Thai dish, Pad Thai is extremely popular amongst travellers, especially young backpackers due to its reasonable price and the delicious combination of flavours. The stir-fried noodle dish is full of ingredients such as peanuts, spring onions, lime juice and is often served with prawns, chicken or tofu. A great little dish that is both cheap to buy out and easy to make at home so you can manage your Thai-cravings once your trip has come to an end.


5. Gai Med Ma Muanng (chicken with cashew nuts)

Must Things to Eat in Thailand - gai-pad-med-ma-muang

For all the nut-lovers out there, the delicious Gai Med Ma Muanng is a real treat. The stir-fry dish is relatively simple, but delectably scrumptious no doubt. Cashew nuts and chicken are the main ingredients here and tossed with a heap of veg, soy sauce and lots of chilli it makes for a satisfying dinner and is a dish that you can easily become hooked into serving up again and again.

By Ellie Swain


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