I just finished a safari in Kenya with Debs and Thiemo (the crew) with Africa Expedition Support. 

I can only sum up my experiences as awesome, faultless and amazing. The safari was more than I expected – the itinerary was great, the food unbelievable, the organization brilliant.

I booked direct with this company and very glad I did, as all my questions prior to the safari were answered openly and honestly; later I discovered that Debs not only runs the office in Nairobi but is also still a tour leader.


5 Reasons to Travel with Africa Expedition Support

Here are my top reasons to join an African overland safari with Africa Expedition Support.


1. Arrival

I arrived in Nairobi, Kenya and although I had the option to have someone meet me I decided to make it to the campsite myself the night before my tour started. I finally arrived at 11:30pm at the campsite – Debs and Thiemo were waiting for me – just to check that my luggage was not lost and I was ready for departure the next day. Very impressive!


2. Food

I am vegetarian and was concerned about the food quality I would be served. Debs cooked a special meal for me every night – and made sure I had protein everyday either eggs, cheese, tofu, beans and/or pulses. I didn’t think anything off it until I met another veggie off a different truck who complained about being served veggie slop every night!


3. Responsible Tourism

I was a little concerned there was no mention about this anywhere on their website.

However, Debs was the first person to explain to us about responsible tourism – not only about respecting the cultures, people, land, and animals (i.e. leave only your footprints, wear clothing that is respectful particularly in conservative local markets or muslim areas) but she clearly voiced that the company would only stay at campsites which respected and looked after their staff. 

Further, everyone we met along the way (women selling fruit on the side of the road, staff at campsites - from washing women to managers, border officials to the 6 year old child selling bananas) showed their love/friendship/respect for Debs and Thiemo.

It was clear that the local people loved these two and had become their friends. I was particularly moved when Debs bought all the bananas a 6 year old girl was selling on the condition that she then go home as it was Sunday (despite the fact we already had far too many bananas for the group!) I later found out her name was Jennifer and she sold bananas to pay for her schooling. Now that is responsible tourism!!!


4. The Way the Trip was Organised was Brilliant

At pre-departure Debs explained that her and Thiemo would not do night driving as it was far too dangerous on East African roads.

It was brilliant we arrived in camp well before nightfall, cooked and ate at a reasonable hour. I saw countless trucks (from much more expensive companies) arrive as late as 10pm at night. When I asked Debs about this her comment was:

“The itineraries are too full, but that is what sells – people will compare company to company with what they put into the itinerary – the more that goes in the better it must be! Of course when you are sitting at home in the UK looking at brochures you have no idea about distances, road conditions etc. Our clients are on holiday ….. we refuse to sell an itinerary where you are up at 5am every morning and not eating dinner until 10pm at night simply because of the impossible itinerary”.

I have read several reports about other companies which have been terrible. Africa Travel Company starred in the worst reports I read, up there with On-the-Go and Go To Africa which I have since learned subcontract to Africa Travel Company. I saw and spoke to their passengers and they were not happy!


Go See Africa

This tour, for me, would be the only time I would probably come to Africa. It was a once in a lifetime tour and I cannot express how glad I am I booked with Africa Expedition Support. It truly was a once in a lifetime, unforgettable, value for money experience which allowed me to see some of the best wildlife destinations in Africa.


Would you like to explore this continent?