1. Choice of Jobs

There are positions available in most industries and one of the most popular options for foreigners is teaching English in China.

You could take a TEFL certification course and then apply through an agnecy who offer jobs to internationals throughout the country.

The experience of living and teaching in China is challenging but very rewarding. If you choose to work as a teacher you will gain skills, boost your bank balance and enjoy a cultural experience like no other.

You could also gain experience on a paid internship in China, or for a way to live with a host family you might want to au pair in China.


2. Good Salary

You will be surprised to learn that the salary for some jobs like teaching is a lot better than other countries in Asia and worldwide. You can make literally thousands of dollars per year, and usually your accommodation is paid for so you will be able to save lots.


3. Experience a New Culture

Sometimes it is good to take a leap of faith to do something different, China is unlike anywhere else in the world but most people find the experience facsinating.

You will get to meet different people, learn about a new country, sample tasty local cuisine and most importantly use money make from a job to fund travels.


4. Boost Your CV

Having the experience of working in China on your CV will look fantastic to future employers.

Not many people would be able to demonstrate they integrated into a new working environment in a totally different country. This might make you stand out in a crowd of job seekers and help you get a dream job in the future.


5. Choice of Destinations

Imagine waking up somewhere exotic like Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, X'ian... the list could go on.

When working in China you could be placed anywhere in the country from a large city to a small rural local. Each destination offers a different experience and where you go really comes to personal choice.


6. Lots to See in Your Spare Time

From ancient sites like the Forbidden City, the world famous incredible Great Wall, the impressive Terracotta Warriors to the incredible countryside - China has something for all interests. We highly recommend booking a tour of China to see the highlights in your spare time. 


7. Safety

China is a lot safer than you might think, the people you encounter will be very friendly and very open whilst crime against internationals is extremely low.

Some companies also offer structured programs, for example teaching placements which include pre-departure information, airport pick up, accommodation, orientation, meals and in-country support.


8. Make New Friends

Thousands of people from all around the world work in China every year. You will be able to get to know local Chinese staff and also other international staff who you will form a strong bond with.


9. Volunteer in Your Spare Time

Did you know there are lots of rewarding volunteering programs in China available to join for a short and longer period. Perfect if you would like to combine something like teaching/working. We highly recommend apply to volunteer with pandas - amazing!


10. Improve Language Skills

If you have ever thought about learning a new language abroad then actually living and working in China is the perfect opportunity. There are beginners and more advanced level Chinese language courses in China available to book all year round.


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