Architecture Jobs Abroad

Top Reasons to Apply for Architecture Work Abroad

  • Experience new cultures and countries
  • Learn from experience staff
  • Put your skills and experience to use
  • Some countries have high wages and lots of positions
  • Create a new life abroad
  • See new places in your spare time



Guide to Working as an Architect 

If you are looking for architecture jobs abroad then there is a lot of choice and this isn't as daunting as it might seem. If you are currently studying archiecture or already qualified there are lots of countries where you will be eligible for a visa to work in this profession.



Best Places to Work as an Architect Abroad

Popular destinations include Australia, China, India, Europe, Middle East and New Zealand. If you are aged 18 to 30 you are able to apply for a working holiday visa for Australia and New Zealand which is a very popular option especially with UK graduates. We highly recommend going to work in New Zealand as you can stay for up to two years on a working holiday visa. You can also work in Australia for this lenght but you will need to also mix temporary work too. Australia has a very strong ecomony at the moment and you could find yourself working in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or Perth - a dream!

Working as an archiect in some more destinations like the USA is more difficult due to visa regulations, you will usually need to get hired before arriving and have your company obtain your visa. Architecture jobs in the Middle East in particular Dubai are extremely popular. Economies in this region have been booming for years which has led to rapid growth, expansion and the need for international architects.




Salaries vary depening on the recruiter, destination and your skills level/experience. To be eligible you will need a degree level education. If you are lacking work experience you might want to apply for architecture internships abroad or search community volunteering programs where you can gain hands on skills.



Reviews & Testimonials

"After graduating I got an architecture placement at a company in London. I am now working in Wales." - Geth, UK



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