How to Volunteer in Mozambique

Working in Mozambique will provide you with a life changing experience where you can make a big difference. Here are some highlights of participating:

  • See some of the best beaches in Africa
  • Meet outgoing people from all over the world
  • Get close and help exotic animals 
  • Work with people who live in very poor conditions
  • Experience living and working in a developing country
  • Expand your horizons
  • Perfect if you are looking for structured Africa gap year programs
  • Do something benefical to others


Location of Projects

Some volunteering projects are located in Maputo which is the capital city of Mozambique, this is the largest city in the country with beautiful Mediterranean architecture and large avenues. There are lots of attractions, cafes, hotels and activities to keep you entertained if you join a project here, be sure to enjoy the water sports on offer. There are also placements in other parts of the country like Vilanculos where you can join conservation initiatives. Most conservation projects can be found in Fofu, in the South East of the country which is a beautiful area to be based.


Community Development

If you are looking to help communities there are lots of positions available including working in a medical/healthcare/educational capacity. Poverty in this country is very visible especially in rural areas and there are skilled / unskilled placements available where you can work in medical outreach teams going to remote parts of the country and offering healthcare assistance to people in need.

You might also get to help HIV / AIDS awareness which can be very rewarding. There are also English teaching placements available all year round where you can help local teachers at nurseries, schools and community centres. People are also needed for group building and construction projects where you will help plan and build infrastructure like houses, community centres and schools.


Childcare & Orphanage Work

This country has shocking rates of HIV and AIDS meaning thousands of children have been brought up in care and there are orphanages around the country which care for disadvantaged, abandoned and orphaned children. Large international charities have been working in conjunction with the government of Mozambique creating better facilities and housing for children growing up in this country.

You can help our by helping with educational and also daily routine tasks e.g. cooking, cleaning and creating fun games and a happy environment. If you would like to help at an orphanage in Mozambique we recommend apply for at least 4 weeks, joining for a short period of 2 weeks or less can be difficult with training.


Conservation & Volunteer with Animals 

Mozambique has numerous National Parks and Nature Reserves which are all protected, there are placements on both land and sea where you can help biodiversity. Marine based conservation programs with wildlife are very popular and if you sign up you might be taking part in research tasks or even scuba diving with whale sharks which is an exhilarating experience. Going to work to help whale sharks in Mozambique is a great opportunity to explore one of the best scuba diving’s spots in Africa and help conservation efforts.

You could also make a difference by helping with whale shark research, coral reef monitoring and turtle surveys. You can help with hands-on on whale shark research, coral reef monitoring, humpbacked whale monitoring and turtle nest surveys, as well, taking the opportunity to explore and make the most of one of the best scuba diving African’s destinations. We have some fantastic programs where you go help conservation and also learn to scuba dive in Mozambique.

Although very little is known about the dynamic of population of the largest fish in the world, the increasing number of boats operating fishing activities have an impact on their feeding habits and migratory patterns. Boat strikes also represent a risk of injury or death to whale sharks. The beautiful and diverse coral reefs in which marine life relies on so much are under threat from human activities like tourism and exploitation.

It is part of the project to thoroughly monitor the condition of coral reefs in the Tofo area using methods according to the international reef check program. Volunteers are encouraged to help by carrying out marine researches and monitoring underwater activities under the supervision and guidance of a project co-ordinator. You could meet and join other volunteers for beach walks to collect the data, boat surveys and exciting swims and scuba dives off the Mozambican coastline.


How to Apply

If you use our advance search you can find sending agencies, grass roots organisations, NGO's and charities. You might be required to pay a fee to participate, this usually includes accommodation, transfers, training, meals, excursions and in-country support. The price you pay can vary depending on the project/duration and you will need to pay for flights and insurance separately.

Finding paid placements in Mozambique is tough unless you are employed on the ground as an in-country co-ordinator, there are a selected number of free and low cost volunteer programs in Mozambique but you will need to apply direct to local NGO's. You might need to cover accommodation and meals yourself. View all of our Africa volunteering programs for more options.


What to Pack / Expect

This is a beautiful country with a year round tropical climate, there is also a spectacular coast on the Indian ocean. Try to pack sensibly, you might be in remote areas of the country and so take entertainment and also sun screen, this country gets hot especially during summer. You might be surprised to know local people speak Portuguese so it's recommended you learn some basic words and phrases which will make the experience a lot easier especially if working on community programs with people.