Japan is a country with a unique ancient culture and tradition, bustling cities, scenic landscapes, friendly local people, tasty cuisine and new technology which will make you think you have been living in the dark ages. Japan is a unique destination to visit, you will learn more about the ancient history, immerse yourself in the culture, explore bustling towns and cities or get off the beaten track. 


Things to Do & Travel Ideas in Japan

Find activities, experiences, travel packages, backpacking ideas, eco & adventure holidays in Japan.

Japan Travel Guide

Japan Travel Guide

Get information, tips, itineraries and inspiration for visiting Japan.

  • Population: 128,000,000
  • Capital: Tokoyo
  • Area: 377,000 km2
  • Country Code: +81
  • Currency: Japanese Yen
  • Language: It will be a challenge to read a newspaper in this country, the text is very difficult to understand if you have no previous knowledge of the language but we highly recommend learning a few basic words and phrases which will really impress the locals. You might be surprised that not many local people speak English and so taking a phrase book is a good idea, or you might want to view our guide to learning Japanese in Japan
  • Culture: Please read about local laws and customs, this is a very unique destination where most of the population are Buddhist so please be respectful of their culture. Before arriving it is also recommended to get money exchanged into the Japanese currency - Yen and also try to arrange a airport pick up - arriving jet lagged can be a confusing experience. 


Top Reasons Visit Japan 

There are so many reasons why you should book a flight to Japan including:

  • Experience a different culture
  • Sample the local food and drink
  • Use state of the art modern technology
  • Explore huge megacities
  • Learn about the local people and history
  • Visit ancient temples
  • See spectacular scenery and countryside
  • Totally different to other destinations in the Far East like China and Korea


Best Places to See in Japan

Travelling in Japan which will be an incredible experience, here are some of the top places to add to your itinerary:

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Gunma
  • Nagasaki
  • Okinawa
  • Sapporo
  • Daisetsuzan
  • Takachiho
  • Kanazawa
  • Kumano
  • Miyagi
  • Nikko
  • Nara
  • Kamakura
  • Magome
  • Takayama


Travelling in Japan 

If the thought of going travelling in Japan you are ot alone, millions of tourists visit every year and on our travel packages you will get an authentic experience like no other. This country will provide you with one of the biggest culture shocks of your life, from the moment you arrive you will notice how different things are compared to anywhere else you have been in your life. Tokyo is one of the worlds great cities where you can go shopping in Shibiuya, visit ancient temples, walk to mount Fuji or sample Japan's national sport - sumo wrestling. 

Expect one of most developed nations in the world with new technology, bustling metropolises and also more tranquil locations out of the big cities. There are so many places you might want to visit in Japan so its important to do lots of research before departing. We highly seeing Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Himeji Castle, Kyoto, Mount Tanigawa and Osaka. You will get to immerse yourself in the local culture, sample the very best local food and get an authentic experience. 

In Tokyo, discover a capital city hurtling headlong into the future as the crux of the latest trends, hippest fashions and must-have gadgets. And in Osaka, the country’s second city, uncover trendy restaurants, cool bars and unrivalled nightlife amongst the city's skyscrapers. In the culturally rich city of Kyoto, sacred shrines can be found tucked in among shopping arcades, time-honoured tea houses nestle among modern businesses and the traditional Geisha can be found in the historic Gion district.


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