Volunteer in Goa

About Goa

Thanks to the legacy of its former colonisation, Goa is home to a fascinating mix of European and Indian culture. This is evident in everything from Goa's famous Portuguese architecture to its language and food. The slightly "mediterranean" feel, combined with the long history of tourism, makes Goa an easy place to volunteer in India or adapt to for a long term stay. The quantity of travellers means there is always the oportunity to meet new people, and has in some way contributed to the large amount of guesthouses, shops, and restaurants found throughout the state. 

Many a life and livelihood has been built around the state's prosperous tourist industry. However, despite this - and Goa's reputation as a palm leaf-filled paradise - it is still home to many people living in poverty. Nevertheless, there are plenty of opportunities to give something back to this beautiful place, and no shortage of volunteering options for those willing to do so. Lots of local people speak English, and foreigners draw far less attention than in other parts of India.

Goa really is very beautiful, with long stretches of beach and a landscape of rice paddy fields and palm trees. It's a great place to live and volunteer abroad at low cost - there are also lots of things to see and do in your spare time.



Types of Programs

  • Community Development
  • Childcare
  • Wildlife
  • Charity Work
  • Ngo
  • Medical & healthcare



How to Get to Goa

To get to Goa firstly, you have to fly to one of India's larger international airports (in most situations, this will be Mumbai). The transfer flight from Mumbai to Goa's Panaji Dabolim airport takes around one hour. It can take approximately 12-14 hours by train to reach Goa from Mumbai. There is a train station in Margao, and overnight buses stop here and in other large towns, as well as the capital city of Panjim (sometimes called Panaji). You can search our programs in Goa above.



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