Travel to Rwanda

Our destination guide aims to give you all the information you need to have an amazing experience in this amazing country. Find affordable travel and backpacking ideas with advice for amazing things to do and how you can be more than just your average traveller. You can also get recommendations for budget travel tips, where to stay and advice how to stay safe.

Get inspired to visit Rwanda today!

  • Capital: Kigali (population 1,000,000 approx)
  • Currency: Rwandan Franc (RWF)
  • Population: 9,040,000 (approx)
  • Language: Kinyarwanda + French + English + local languages
  • International Dailing Code: +250
  • Area: 26,330 km2


Top Reasons to Visit Rwanda

There are so many reasons why you should book a trip to travel to Rwanda including:

  • See mountain gorillas in their natural habitat
  • Meet friendly local people
  • See incredible biodiversity and landscapes
  • Get a totally authentic experience


Weather & Best Time to Visit Rwanda

  • Dry season are generally from July to September and December to January
  • Rainy seasons is generally between April and May and October and November
  • Summer is usually the most popular time to visit (from June to September) so book everything in advance is you plan to visit during this period
  • You can go gorilla trekking all year round


Travelling & Backpacking in Rwanda

If you would like to travel to Rwanda get inspired and search ideas today. Rwanda is at the center of the Albertine Rift, where deep volcanic forces are pressing the continental plates apart, you'll discover a world of exquisite beauty and unsurpassed biodiversity. One of the main attractions is the amazing wildlife including mountain gorillas. In the capital of Rwanda, Kigali you can walk around and learn more about the brutal history of the country by visiting the Genocide Memorial Centre - this will be the cultural holiday of your life where you will learn about the country and resilient people. 


Best Places to Visit in Rwanda 

  • Akagera National Park
  • Lake Kivu 
  • Nyungwe Forest National Park
  • Parc National Des Volcans


Gap Year in Rwanda

Thinking about planning a gap year in Rwanda? We list programs for students, graduates, career breaks and people looking for a new exciting experience. One of the main attractions for taking a gap year in Rwanda is to get close to mountain gorillas and chimps which were made famous by the film Gorillas in the Mist.

You can come face to face with these endanged animals on a gap year tour in either Rwanda or Uganda. This will be an experience which will stay with you for the rest of your life especially if you have always wanted to visit this continent and see exotic wildlife - you will really love this experience.