Book a Tour to Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is not your average travel destination, even just getting here is a challenge. Not many tour companies also offer trips companies to other destinations, but this country is very beautiful and still untouched by mass-tourism.

There are also lots of cultural attractions like visiting traditional villages and adventures like hiking and camping trips. A lot of tours focus on World War 2 battlegrounds if you have an interest in history.

Papua New Guinea is also very cheap and affordable.


Is it Safe to Travel to Papua New Guinea?

Something to keep in mind is there are several alerts for travel to Papua New Guinea, including political and civil unrest, crime and occassionaly piracy. 

Tourists are also warned about increased risk of kidnapping, unexploded ordnance, and the basic healthcare services available here. Some areas of the country also have the potential for natural disasters.

Like we have said, this destination isn't for your average tourist. For something rewarding you might also like to consider applying for volunteering work in Papua New Guinea.


Kokoda Track Tours

Kokoda tours of Papua New Guinew are challenging, you will be able to see places which played a big part in World War 2 between Australian and Japanese forces.

Trips starts in Papua New Guinea's capital city Port Moresby where you will meet the other members of your group before, you will need to be aged 18+ to join this trip and be in good physical shape as the terrain you travel will be difficult. The Kokoda Track is a famous and challenging route, you will be hiking off the beaten track and see spectacular views over Papua New Guinea.

On this trip you will get to explore jungles and remote terrains whilst stopping off along the way and when you reach the Kokoda Station you will have free time to visit the Kokoda War Memorial.

During the trek you will visit many of the battlefields which were fought in during WW2, you will also get to hike up mounts and down rivers and gain a real insight into the country and brutal past. Places you will visit include: Port Moresby, Kokoda, Isurava, Templeton's Crossing II, Digger's Camp, Efogi, Nauro, Ioribaiwa, Owers Corner and Port Moresby.


Black Cat Trail Treks

Many of the trails in which were first explored during the Second World War and have since overgrown. One of the most infamous being the Black Cat Trail, scene of some intense jungle fighting during this period.

The Lonely Planet describing it as "suitable only for masochists and Israeli Paratroopers". Some companies offer training that ensures that whatever your experience or fitness level, you will have the skills to complete this expedition.

At times you may be tested, but succeeding against what you previously felt was not possible is just one for the benefits you will return with.


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