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The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN) recently declared Papua New Guinea to be the most biologically diverse region on the planet. It remains the most unexplored region with over 850 different societies and tribes with many new tribes only being discovered in the last 20-30 years. Tourism is growing here every year and vacations are becoming more and more popular, it's best to plan a holiday before the tourist crowds arrive. Search our gap year ideas, volunteer projects and adventure tours.    

Papua New Guinea Holidays

Papua New Guinea Travel Guide

  • Capital - Port Moresby
  • Currency - Kina (PGK)
  • Country Size - 462,840 km2
  • Population - 5,545,268 (estimate)
  • Language - English, Tok Pisin & Motu
  • Country Code +675



Papua New Guinea Map




Tours in Papua New Guinea

We feature trips from some of the worlds leading travel operators which take you away from the tourist crowds for an authentic local experience. On our website you can find experiences where you can get the original spirit of adventure and discovery learning jungle survival skills, trekking and also helping people. Having been met by local staff, you will undertake one week Jungle and cultural training - you may even pick up some for the local dialect too - Pigin! During this week you will learn the skills to not only survive in the jungle but to also enjoy your time there. Many of the trails in which we will operate were first explored during the Second World War and have since overgrown. One of the most infamous being the Black Cat Trail, scene of some intense jungle fighting during this period. Lonely Planet describing it as "suitable only for masochists and Israeli Paratroopers". The training ensures that whatever your experience, you will have the skills to complete this expedition. At times you may be tested, but succeeding against what you previously felt was not possible is just one for the benefits you will return with. 



Volunteer Work in Papua New Guinea

Volunteer in Papua New Guinea

On our website you can sign up to volunteer in Papua New Guinea and find rewarding projects where you can give back and help local organisations and NGO's. You will be able to make a difference to the lives of local people and the environment whilst experiencing this off the beaten track destination for yourself. Some international charities and volunteer organisations have been working on the ground in Papua New Guinea for over 50 years with the aim of improve the infrastructure, educational / healthcare facilities and living standards for local people. The capital city Port Moresby is where most operations are based but you will usually work in outreach teams going out to rural villages and towns to offer assistance.

Some projects are based in the Morobe Province and directed by local NGO's which work to provide and maintain sustainable communities. Projects can vary depending on local requirements. These projects operate in remote regions where the hospitality from those we assist ensures that you know your assistance is the future for these communities. A key element to programs is to provide the basic tools in both construction and education for these indigenous communities. On teaching programs you will get to live with local families usually, in pairs but overseen by staff. Due to the simplistic nature of the schools we will help you develop teaching programs which you will tailor-make and provide for the children at the communities request. 


Community Volunteering Programs in Papua New Guinea

How to Apply

No prior experience is needed as help is urgently required and full training will be provided. There are usually no requirements as all training will be provided, you will also need to pay for travel to the destination and also a joining fee/donation.

Packages Usually Include:

  • Pre-departure meeting 
  • All meals 
  • Airport pick-up 
  • Training 
  • Local transport 
  • Accommodation 
  • Emergency back-up