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If you would like to experience the highlights of Belize and get a really authentic experience then our featured backpacker trips in Belize will appeal to you. There are lots of different trips available where you can see more of Belize learning more about the culture, people, history and also taking part in exciting activities. 

From walking around Belize City to seeing exotic birds at the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, there is a lot to see and do in this exotic destination. Different experiences are available in this small but facsinating country. On a activity holiday in Belize you could get to visit Caracol; the largest Maya site in Belize, Tikal ruins in Guatemala close to the border and also the ATM Cave. 

Most tours start in Belize City where you will have time to explore on a walking tour, there are lots of museums, tourist sights and also cafes and restaurants. From Belize City you will usually travel through the country stopping off at popular spots including ancient ruins and spectacular beaches. 

You might get to visit San Ignacio which is located close to dense jungle which you will have time to wonder around and learn more about the Mayan civilization who used to live in this region of the world. You will also get to visit the ancient Mayan ruins of Cahal Pech and also cross into Guatemala to see the impressive Tikal ruins. These are some of the best riuins in the world and located in a spectacular area deep in the jungle. 

Some tours finish in the spectacular laidback island of Caye Caulker. This is one of the best islands in the Caribbean and there are lots of sporting activities like snorkelling and scuba diving or you could just relax on the beach. There are departures all year round.


ATM Cave Tours in Belize

The ATM cave tour is easily one of the best tours to do Belize but it is currently rated number one in the world! According to the guide, it's a few votes from being a world heritage site so watch this space. This experience involves a 40 min trek through the rainforest to the entrance of the cave; small swim to get to the starting point and then 2 hours of walking, crawling, wading, climbing through small crevices, cracks, streams and rocks as you head deeper and deeper into the cave that was used by the Mayans for sacrifices and rituals.

There are some amazing rock formations in there as well. Once you reach the top chambers, you will be shown artefacts of skeletons, pots etc and told their significance. This is a very unique experience and although you are wet the whole time, it's just really cool to be going through the cave with nothing but your helmet light in front of you! This is as close to feeling like Indiana Jones as it gets! Most people really enjoyed the tour and it is easy to see why it's so popular.


Tikal Tours from Belize

From Belize some opertors offer the option to cross the border into to combine a tour in Guatemala to see the ancient ruins of Tikal. There are lots of local guides working at Tikal and you should have a good 3-5 hours looking around the various temples, pyramids and artefacts there depending on how long you want to spend.

You will be very impressed by this site, some areas still haven't been excavated yet and are just heaps of mould and dense vegetation so you get an idea of the massive job it took to dig everything else up!

There is the option to climb a whole heap of stairs to the top of a temple for spectacular views for miles around. A day or longer spent exploring Tikal will be well worth it.


Jaguar & Wildlife Tours in Belize

There are Jaguar Reserve and wildlife tours available but you will need certain numbers to make these possible. This will be an amazing way to see the exotic animals which live in this country. If you would like to spend time helping wildlife you might like to view volunteer programs in Belize.


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There are also lots of Central America overland tours available which pass through Belize, a lot have a focus on seeing ancient ruins or getting off the beaten track.