If you're not one for camping, although you want to experience the outdoors, glamping is the perfect alternative. That special weekend of glamping is always an exciting one.

Of course, at the back of your mind, you are relieved it's not going to be in a little camping tent under the stars with the potential risk of sharing your resting space with wild animals. So, if you're hoping to plan a luxury camping experience, here are a few practical tips to ensure your getaway is a success.


1. Buy or Rent a Luxury RV

Because this is not an everyday use vehicle, renting your accommodation is always wise. If you are going to do it, it might as well be in style with a luxury RV equipped with all the bits and bobs that would surely make your experience comfortable and memorable. This has become the modern way of camping without laying in the dirt and waking up with stiff anatomy, and possibly having had a rough night trying to fall asleep in the discomfort of the hard ground.


2. Choose the Location Carefully

Try and choose the best possible location that will still have decent enough roads for you to be able to drive your luxury RV without damaging it. Because it's a glamping trip, endeavor to make your location as close as possible to civilization without taking away from the experience so that if you run out of essentials, you are not too far to drive out and replenish them.


3. Prep your Meals for Convenience

To avoid spending too much time cooking or preparing food, pre-prep your meals as far out as possible so that you are more outdoors than indoors or even just being occupied by trying to eat than actually enjoying the activities around you. Food is a definite necessity and requirement in any case, but the more you have it ready for consumption or cooking, the easier it will be to get on with the other parts of your trip. 


4. Pack in Extras for Comfort

Because the weather genuinely can change at just about any moment, always pack extra clothing of all types to make sure you are comfortable. Should there be a crazy rainstorm, at least you will have warm clothes to keep you from getting sick, and if the heat prevails, then you can dress down a bit more to avoid getting a heat stroke because you are overdressed? That extra one or two outfits will go a long way.


5. Plan a Few Glamping Activities

There's no point in being stuck in your RV the entire time, as luxurious as it will be. You can only still be entertained for so long. Find out about your surroundings, hiking trails, animal watching, fishing spots, or anything that can still bring fun to a trip. Otherwise, you might as well book yourself into a hotel and just have that encounter instead of the fabulous glamping one filled with more adventure and exploring.


Camping has never been for everyone, so glamping brings a nice alternative to that and allows one to still enjoy the outdoors with some luxury at bay. The fascinating part about glamping with a luxurious RV is that it gives the feeling of a mobile home that still allows you to take advantage of the road trip joys without the discomfort of minimal shelter and covering.