How to Teach English in El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America but there are lots of opportunities to teach English here.

El Salvador is a developing country and big progress has been made in the past decade, the economy is now one of the strongest in the region. This country has a population of around 6 million people and many now want to learn English to improve their career prospects. Tourism is set to keep growing and this industry employs a lot of people especially in coastal locations.

Could I REALLY do this??

Anybody who has a passion of teach will have an amazing experience. As long as you have some understanding of what is expected you will be able to offer great assistance to the children that you teach. You can also help with other subjects like sports. Whether you just play socially with friends, have represented your school, club or university team or even as far as holding a recognised coaching qualification like English F.A Coaching badge. By coaching children you will start to give enthusiastic players the chance to play the sport they love in an organised and fun environment.


Popular Places to Work

Most TEFL and language jobs are in the capital, San Salvador but there are also opportunities to teach in places like Mejicanos, Snata Ana and Soyapango.


Where to Find Employment

Most jobs are advertised in-country rather than online and most employers will require you to have a face-to-face interview. We also recommend finding the addresses of language schools and going to visit them direct.


Types of Teaching Jobs in El Salvador

  • Businesses
  • International Schools
  • Private Language Schools 
  • Public Schools
  • Private Lessons


Visa & Requirements

Some people enter El Salvador on a tourist visa and work without a work permit. But to legally teach in El Salvador you will need to obtain a work permit which your school or employer can do for you. There is a fee you will need to pay to get the permit but this isn't too expensive.

If you have a degree, a teaching certificate and experience you shouldn't find it too difficult to get a teaching position. Most employers will ask to see if you have a degree but a lot hire international teachers without certification courses. If you are not yet certified you might want to view our TEFL courses in Central America.


Salary & Cost of Living

You will usually get a better salary if you have good qualifications and experience. You will be paid in U.S. dollars which is the official currency of El Salvador. El Salvador is a very cheap country to live, rent, food, transport and going out is very cheap especially compared to countries like Mexico and Costa Rica.


What to Do in Your Spare Time

The country shares land borders with both Guatemala and Honduras and you might want to explore more of this region.


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