Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Paris

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad in Paris

Everybody says that doing an exchange is the best experience of your life - but here’s why an exchange in Paris should be your top choice. 


1. Paris is beyond one of the most beautiful cities in the world

The positive connotations you’ve heard (C’est chic, romantique etc) are all true! By day, by night, in sunshine, in the rain- every side of Paris will amaze you. Be prepared to be blown away… 



Top Reasons to Study Abroad Paris - French Way of Life

2. The French way of life is admirable

Being in Paris really teaches you that living in the moment is très important. You learn to take the time to enjoy yourself, and this is an atmosphere that is unlikely to be recreated elsewhere. 



Louve Paris

3. Immersing yourself in the culture is easy

You can literally find culture on your doorstep. Le Louvre, Centre Georges Pompidou, Les Invalides- the list is endless. Why not? At least you know you’ll never be bored. 



Paris Cafe

4. Café after café, bars after bars

From the traditional cafés, to the modern, uber-chic bars that Paris has to offer, there are 101 excuses to enjoy a coffee (or wine), whilst catching up with friends.



Paris Cuisine

5. The food

The French stereotype about somebody walking down the street eating a baguette? 100% true. And you get to enjoy a hell of a lot more than baguettes- cheese, wine, and the endless selection of desserts. After all, immersing yourself in culture means eating loads of French food, right? 


Study in Paris

6. There is more to Paris than meets the eye

The Catacombs and La Mosquée de Paris are just some of the things that prove that Paris is more than just the Eiffel Tower. 




7. You’ll significantly improve your French

It is a beautiful language, and you pick it up quite easily as you are constantly exposed to it. 



University of Paris

8. The University in Paris is something else

You end up really appreciating how passionate everybody is, and it is always a bonus knowing that Paris has some of the most reputable educational institutions. 



9. You’ll fall in love…. With Paris

You may think that it was that ridiculously charming guy on the Metro who had your heart. However, at the end of your year, you’ll realise that there was only ever one love for you: Paris.



10. Impress your friends and family

And you get to impress (annoy) everyone when you’re back with the “I lived in Paris for a year…”- bragging rights for the rest of your life is reason enough if you ask me. 

So if you do choose Paris, let it be known that you have a lot to look forward to…


By Varsha Patel


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