A Guide to Working in Singapore

The location of Singapore makes it an easy to get to destination, this country has airports connected to all major worldwide destinations. Unemployment is very low in Singapore at around 2% and you will also be able to make good money when working here.

Salaries are high and taxes are very low compared to other worldwide destinations meaning you will get a great quality of life. There is also a very foreigner friendly work environment and getting a visa to work here can be easier than other destinations in Asia. 


Popular Industries to Seek Employment 

  • Administrative
  • Architecture
  • Banking
  • Business
  • Customer Service
  • Design/Multimedia
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Finance
  • HR/Recruitment
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Management
  • Marketing/PR
  • Sales
  • Software Development
  • Teaching


Professional Jobs in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for expatriate workers, this country has one of the most important financial centres in the world, the working environment is very welcoming and you will find an international blend of people living here. Thousands of British and other nationalities apply to work here every year. Salaries vary depending on the company, your experience and qualifications. 


Jobs for Students and Graduates in Singapore

Singapore is a fantastic country to work abroad in especially if you are just starting your career. Singapore is one of the most popular destinations for graduates who are seeking to work in business, finance and technology. Another option is to teach in Singapore which is a popular route many people go down. To be eligible you will need a degree and usually a TEFL certification course.


Language Requirements

The official languages of  Singapore are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Singapore is a very multicultural society and many local people speak more than one language. English is the official language in most work places including business and education. You might also take local language classes once in the country to enhance your experience and career prospects.


Salary for Working in Singapore

The salaries in Singapore are some of the highest in Asia and the world. They are usually very competitive with extra added bonuses provided too. Add to this that taxes are extremely low you will be able to make a comfortable lifestyle living here. The cost of renting/buying property can also be high too.


Visa, Work Permit & Conditions

You will need a job offer to be eligible for a Singapore work permit. Once you have applied and been accepted the process is fairly easy due to the amount of people who work here every year.

Usually you will be required to work around 44 hours per week Monday to Friday and sometimes a half day on Saturday depending on the company. Holiday time off can vary, most employees get around 10-14 paid days off per year whilst there are also public holidays and festivals which mean there are around 25 days holiday in total.

Most people enjoy a really amazing time living and working in Singapore. This country is a hub for Asia so you should get lots of free time to explore other countries in the region. You will need to stay on the right side of the law, be sure to read up on local rules.