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Singapore is a popular stop off on a round the world trip, a cruise or a holiday and we highly recommend spending a few days or longer volunteering and exploring this facinating country. With One World 365 you can apply to join volunteering programs in Singapore helping local people and animals. We list local organisations and also large international sending agencies who offer cross cultural volunteer exchange programs where you can really make a difference. Projects include helping wildlife and or disadvantaged people. Create a memorable and rewarding experience by reading our guide and applying today. 


Volunteer Programs in Singapore



Guide to Volunteering in Singapore

So you are thinking about wanting to do something rewarding by applying to volunteer in Singapore but you don't know how to arrange this experience? Our guide provides you with everything you need to know including eligibility, types of opportunities available and also you can search recommended projects and local organisations.



Top Reasons to Volunteer in Singapore

  • Experience a new culture where you will get to live and work alongside local people
  • Meet new friends from all over the world
  • See spectacular sights and sample some of the best Asian cuisine 
  • Make a difference to the lives of people or wildlife
  • Be more than just a tourist



Volunteers Working in Singapore

Types of Volunteer Programs in Singapore

Most programs are located in Singapore City which is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with millions of people visiting every year. You will usually work from Monday to Friday but get the weekends off to explore and see more of the country.



Volunteer with Disadvantaged People in Singapore

Community Volunteer Programs in Singapore

You can apply to join community projects where you will work with people affected by illness and disability. There are residential care homes and outreach centres seeking people both local and international throughout the year to help look after people. Tasks can include helping with rehabilitation, cooking, leading games, talking to people, offering general help and sharing any skills you have e.g. IT.



Volunteer with Animals in Singapore

Volunteer with Animals in Singapore

Help conservation efforts by volunteering with wildlife in Singapore at wildlife retreats which helps animals and also provides educational programs to local people and international visitors. There are skilled and general positions available to join all year round. If you are currently qualified or taking a veterinary degree you can put your skills to good use by joining medical placements in Singapore, there are wildlife reserves and also vets/hospitals specially set up to help rehabilitate animals. You will gain work experience, and get the opportunity to help animals by working alongside local vets who rescue, treat and care for different species of animals. These placements are perfect if you are passionate about wildlife, or if you just want to help see animals treated well.



Start Dates, Eligibility & How to Apply

You can apply in advance through our website today and start any Monday of the start of every month. You might want to arrive a few days earlier to acclimatize. There are last minute spots usually available but it is recommended to get your application in at least a few months in advance. Some organisations only let people who are aged 18 and over volunteer but each placement is different. You can apply to volunteer in Singapore on our website today, projects can be joined for a week to over a year depending on your availability. Most programs start on the Monday of every week and you can also register your interest for next year. You will usually need to pay a fee to participate, this includes accommodation, meals, training and support - the price can depend on the length of time you participate for. Also note this country is more expensive than nearby destinations, if you are looking for an alternative experience you might want to view our volunteer opportunities in Thailand.



What to Do in Your Spare Time

You will get lots of free time to kick back and relax or go see the local sights. Sentosa Island is somewhere you can grab the cable-car or walk over to the small island that has been turned into a giant theme park. Water parks and a Universal Studios dominate this thrill seekers haven and is certainly worth a day out.



Singapore Volunteering Reviews

Have you ever been to volunteer in Singapore? Would you like to share your experience ore review an organisation or project? Get in touch with us today.



Volunteer ACRES Singapore

Testimonial: Volunteering at ACRES Wildlife Sanctuary in Singapore

Gill Webb volunteering at the ACRES Wildlife Sanctuary located in Singapore from Wednesday 13th May to Tuesday 19th May 2015. Here she shares her experience and advice for future participants:


Why did I volunteer at ACRES?

ACRES (Animal Concerns Research and Education Society), Singapore tied in very nicely to my Senior Citizens Gap Year as my nephew lives in Singapore and I’m an advocate for animals. Hence I could combine volunteering and visiting. I had already connected with ACRES Facebook Page, via other friends who are focussed on animal welfare.


What does ACRES do?

ACRES has 6 Focus areas:

  • Tackling the Wildlife Trade
  • Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation
  • Zoo Animal Welfare
  • Humane Education
  • Community Outreach
  • Promoting Cruelty-Free Living

For more information on these do visit: http://www.acres.org.sg/about-acres/our-focus-areas.html


Why does ACRES need volunteers?

  • It creates awareness and spreads education of a more compassionate world. 
  • Funds are needed to help their work at all levels. 
  • There’s a lot of work to do and willing hands and hearts are always welcome. 


Who Volunteers and what do volunteers do?

ACRES attracts volunteers from all walks of life including University students, schoolchildren, international volunteers, and people from other professions who wish to dedicate some of their free time to the animals. ACRES have many activities in which volunteers may participate including Wild Life Rescue, Sanctuary for rescued tortoises and turtles, a quarantine area for rescued animals, Dolphin Research Project, Fundraising, Education & Awareness.  


What did I find useful to wear/bring?

  • Long sleeved shirt, Long trousers, Insect repellant  (I preferred the long clothes as I hate being bitten/stung by mossies and other insects), Flashlight to go to bathroom in the night


Getting there

It’s a little out of town and for me involved a train journey (MRT - efficient and clean), a bus journey and a 1km walk. I took this route as I’d left most of my luggage at my nephews. For international volunteers bringing heavy luggage they may prefer to go by taxi.



I was greeted by Gretchen, the Volunteer Co-ordinator. We dropped my luggage off in the International Volunteers bedroom. This was followed by a show around - the sanctuary where I would be helping out with the tortoises and turtles, the Education Centre where there is loads of information on how animals are abused whether it’s for so-called entertainment, products being tested on them, cruel farming practices etc. The Education Centre is for all age groups from young children to senior people. We all have our part to play in changing animal abuse.


Working Hours

9.30 am - 5pm with a lunch break from 1pm - 2pm. Breaks can be longer if Rain Stops Play! If so volunteers are free to either relax or spend time in the Education Centre gathering information. The more knowledge we have the better.


ACRES Wildlife Volunteer Singapore


There were daily tasks which needed to be done, come rain or shine and others were weather dependent. Daily tasks during the morning included preparing breakfast for the tortoises, setting out their water and food sheets, distributing their food, bringing the tortoises out of their night shelters and checking their eyes and nose in case anyone needed to be referred to the vet, cleaning out their night shelters, washing their den trays, scooping out the turtles ponds etc. Afternoon: preparing night shelters, preparing their food, cleaning up water bowls and food sheets, and at about 4.30 pm putting the tortoises in their night shelters  - counting them (very necessary as they were ace at camouflaging and concealing themselves) and once again giving them a health check.

Other tasks included cutting down bananas and separating them ready for the iguanas, cutting down dead leaves, general maintenance, helping clean out the snakes houses, helping out in the office. For example on the Sunday after I arrived they were holding their Flag Day - apparently each charity is only allocated 1 day per year so it’s a very important event. My task was to attach stickers to the tins. Soon some other volunteers from Uni. joined in. Another afternoon, in between sanctuary work, we helped out with folding newsletters. “We” being a regular volunteer of 2 years standing, a College student and 4 girls from a local school. All the time being supervised by 3 of the 4 resident rescue dogs!


International volunteer facilities

A shared room (up to 4 people), shower and toilet blocks (2 showers and 2 toilets in each block - one for the gals and one for the guys). Communal lounge/dining area for volunteers and regular staff members. Volunteer fees include breakfast, lunch, dinner. Food was vegetarian/vegan which makes sense in an animal welfare facility! I stayed a couple of nights at the volunteer accommodation. I was however the only international volunteer at the time, and whilst some team members live on site, i didn’t want to impose on their free time by entertaining me, as they work jolly hard. So  rather than spend evenings alone, and because my nephew lives in Singapore I decided I might as well do the daily commute and have some family time with him in the evenings. That worked well for us. 


Was my volunteering experience at ACRES worthwhile?

YES!  It was great to be part of a dedicated, friendly team of people with the animals best interests at heart. Apart from my financial contribution I felt that the work I did was appreciated.


How long and How much will it cost? 

  • 1 week: SGD300 
  • 2 weeks: SGD$550 
  • 3 weeks: SGD$800 
  • 4 weeks: SGD$1,050 
  • Above 4 weeks (Per extra week):SGD$250 
  • Per extra day: SGD$50 

For more information please visit www.acres.org.sg.



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