Plan a Dive Trip to Myanmar

Scuba diving Myanmar

The Mergui archipelago, Burma (Myanmar), has over eight hundred tropical islands covering an area of over ten thousand square miles. It had been closed off to the outside world for over fifty years, until late 1996 when the first diving companies were granted a license to explore the Mergui Archipelago.

Most commercial Burma sail and dive adventure cruises to the southern islands of Myanmar commenced in the 1990's, followed soon after by scuba diving live-aboard diving trips. 

Pristine and stunningly beautiful, Burma’s Mergui Archipelago has over eight hundred tropical islands, scattered throughout an area of some ten thousand square miles, this truly is one of the very few remaining untouched areas on earth and an outstanding location for live-aboard scuba diving cruises, sailing charters and adventure cruises. 

Due to its virtual isolation, the islands and surrounding seas are some of the best dive sites in Myanmar and alive with an amazing diversity of wildlife great and small, together with huge barrel sponges, soft and hard corals. The ‘greats’ include various species of sharks, manta rays, giant groupers and schooling fish, with occasional sightings of whale sharks and bull sharks.

There are several different liveaboard cruises in the Mergui Archipelago for those keen to dive every day. Some of the best dive centers Asia and travel operators offer a combination of exploring the islands, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and diving. There is also the options to volunteer in Myanmar and help marine conservation efforts if this experience appeals to you.

Memories of the breathtaking scenery, the incredible Myanmar beaches and the pristine rainforests with rare animals and bird-life will never leave you. Chances are you will return for more – many people do!


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