A Guide to Going Diving in Bulgaria

The coast of Bulgaria which stretches for 354km is spectacular. There are beautiful beaches, lively towns, pristine coastline and also lots of dive sites waiting to be explored.

The Black Sea is one of the best places to go diving in Europe, you can expect underwater caves, reefs, shipwrecks and even aircraft lying on the bottom of the sea. This ocean is also teeming with flora and fauna and also lots of marine creatures.

Getting to Bulgaria is also fairly easy as there are airports located throughout the country connected to international destinations. 

Where you stay really comes down to personal choice, we recommend Varna, Golden Sands, Albena, Sunny Beach, St. Helena, and St. Konstantin which are popular beachside locations which activities and a good atmpsphere.


Popular Places to Go Diving in Bulgaria

  • Kavarna
  • Nessebar
  • Sofia
  • Sozopol
  • Varna   


Best Dive Sites in Bulgaria

  • There are lots of different dive sites available to visit in Bulgaria and our top recommendations include:
  • The sunken Roman port, off the coast of Varna
  • The German Black Sea Fleet which was sunk during the World War II which includes five Russian submarines


Best Time to Go Diving in Bulgaria

During summer, from May to October you can expect the weather to be warmest around 20-28 degrees whilst in winter and like the rest of Europe temperatures can drop.


Marine Life

The Black Sea is a eco paradise with lots of biodiversity and creatures, you are likely to see fish, scorpion fish, turbot and sea horses.


Recommended Dive Shops in Bulgaria

  • Barracuda dive resort in Varna has been operating since 1990



Bulgaria is one of the cheapest places to go scuba diving in the world and you can get great value on packages all year round.


Bulgaria Scuba Diving Reviews

If you have ever been diving in Bulgaria and would like to share experiences or reviews please contact us.


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