There is no exact science to writing a good, eye catching personal statement but one thing we highly recommend is to get as much work experience as possible.  

Below we share our top tips for writing a successful personal statement with ideas and examples you might want to use.


What Format to Use

Generally we recommend you apply a format similar to this: 

  • What are attracts you to studying medicine
  • Specific medical work experience undertaken
  • Your knowledge and research into a career in medicine
  • Your personal attributes that make you right for a career in healthcare
  • Personal achievements, hobbies and activities
  • Aspects of the course that particularly interest you


Highlighting Medical Experience is Important

The reason that medical work experience is so valuable is that it demonstrates a willingness to learn first hand what it takes to work as a doctor or a nurse and the amount you have undertaken and time spent gaining medical experience can speak volumes for your desire to study medicine. A medical school application needs to leap off the page and tick all the boxes.

By demonstrating that you have given up your time to gain relevant medical work experience you are showing your enthusiasm for the subject, that you know what the job entails, you have decided first hand that you want a career in medicine and you have seen different types of medicine being practiced first hand. Compare your different medical work experiences, what they taught you, why that’s important and how that will help you in your future career.


How to Boost an Application

Remember that the personal statement is your first foot in the door to a career in medicine, so make sure your application is one to remember.

Be sure to always check examples online and also websites which can offer help and assistance. You can also use a personal statement length checker to help make sure you don't write too much.

Through our website you can search and book medical volunteer projects which will really make your application stand out, search programs and see which volunteer destinations appeal to you. You can also contact us if you need any help with planning a medical career. 


Need Help?

If you need advice about writing your personal statement contact us. Or if are looking for a good company to help check out you might like to to search websites which have experts that are available to provide you with advice for your medical school application.  


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