Learn Japanese Online

Maybe you’re looking to learn the basics of Japanese before heading overseas or you just want to exercise your brain. Either way, online classes are a great, stress free option. Courses can be taken on your schedule from the comfort of your own home. Options for paid services and free ones are abundant. 



Best Online Japanese Courses

The well-known Rosetta Stone now has a program called TOTALe that gives students the opportunity to play language-related games, video chat with native speakers and access the traditional Rosetta Stone lessons. LiveMocha.com is free to register and take beginner courses. They focus on the Whole-Part-Whole methodology, which allows a student to observe, learn and then practice a new language. Students don’t pay anything until they sign up for higher-level courses. Earworms is a language learning app for both Android and iPhone that places words and phrases to music. This technique helps learners absorb a new language quicker and teaches better inflections and accents.