Learn German in Switzerland

Learn German in Switzerland

Are you looking to learn German in Switzerland? View our guide which includes recommended German language schools throughout the country in places like Zurich and Basel.


A Guide to Studying German in Switzerland

Get a head start in Germany by studying in Switzerland! Experience immersion in the German language: Follow an intensive course and stay with local German-speaking host families. And finally, embark on our cultural or sports expeditions to explore some of Switzerland's richness and most spectacular mountains, lakes and rivers where endless opportunities for exciting adventures await you!


Popular Places to Study German in Switzerland

  • Basel
  • Geneva
  • Lausanne
  • Zurich


Types of Courses Available

There are German language courses in Switzerland for all levels from beginner to advanced including:

  • One-to-one German language courses
  • Small group German language courses
  • Weekend crash courses in German language
  • Long term courses (1 month+)


Recommended German Language Schools in Switzerland

  • Lsi, Zurich
  • Alpha Sprachwelt, Zurich
  • Bellingua, Zurich
  • EB, Zurich
  • VOXEA Swiss Private Academy, Lausanne


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