Learn Chinese in Beijing

Recommended Chinese Language Schools in Beijing

  • Beijing Hutong School (Beijing)
  • InterNationalPerson Learning Center (Beijing)
  • Mandarin House (Beijing)




Book a Mandarin Course in Beijing

Beijing is most peoples first choice when it comes to learning Chinese in China. This city mixes both modern with old and here you can visit places like the Great Wall and the Forbidden City.

A lot of people choose to learn/improve Mandarin skills for business in Beijing but if you have limited financial resources you might want to choose a different location. The cost of living in Beijing can be high which might put you off if you are looking to study on a shoe string budget, accommodation can be higher here than in other destinations. But we say the price you pay is worth it as this city and region is facsinating, you will get to see world famous locations in your spare time like The Great Wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace. Getting to Beijing is very easy too, this city is connected to a number of international airports .



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