Study Cantonese or Mandarin in Hong Kong

Hong Kong language schools

Do you want to learn Chinese abroad? Considering destinations? What better way to learn Cantonese or Mandarin than in Hong Kong!

Cantonese is only really spoken by people in Hong Kong (the Hongkongese) and in South-Eastern China. This language is quite different to Mandarin and if you would like to live and work in China, you might be better choosing to learn Mandarin instead.

This might suprise you but English is one of the official languages of Hong Kong, and this makes the experience of studying here easier. There are lots of ways to learn or improve your Cantonese in Hong Kong, there are lots of language schools, private tutors, and self study options.

There are lots of language schools in Hong Kong offering courses which are all different in terms of class sizes, teaching methods and cost. One recommend institution is the Chinese University of Hong Kong which offers a range of beginners language classes for internationals.


Hong Kong Language School Reviews

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