Top Reasons to Study Arabic in Egypt

Egypt language schools

With so many places you can book Arabic courses, why choose Egypt?

  • One of the best reasons to learn Arabic here is because Egyptian Arabic is easy to understood compared to other Arabic speaking destinations
  • Great value destination
  • See spectacular places like the Pryamids and Sharm el Sheik in your free time


Popular Places to Study Arabic in Egypt

  • Cairo
  • Alexandria

Cairo is one of the most popular cities to study Arabic where there is history, culture, modern shops, sightseeing locations and also thousands of local and international students.


Top Rated Institutes 

  • al-Azhar University, Cairo
  • American University, Cairo (AUC) 
  • International Language Institute, Cairo



Course prices can vary depending on duration and level. As a general guide, some courses cost around $750-$1000 for full-time 6 weeks courses.



Language students usually live in shared flats/accommodation but you can also be placed with a local host-family.


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