Best Places to Visit when Backpacking in Mexico

Best Places to Visit when Backpacking in Mexico

Got Mexico on the list of places you want to explore? Thinking about trying to see the highlights? Narrowing down the list to just 5 is tough but we have put together a list with 5 must visit places which will be the highlight of any backpacking adventure.



1. Guadalajara 

Home to tequila and the ancient temple of Chichen Itza.


2. Chichen Itza 

One of the best temples in the world, aim to arrive early as it gets popular with more tourists as the day goes on. 


3. Mexico City 

Easily one of the best cities in the world to explore, see ancient ruins or explore the backstreets to see daily life in the capital.


4. Playa Del Carmen 

A beautiful beach but very touristy, a great place to party and relax though and a good alternative to Cancun. There is amazing nightlife, modern facilities, worldwide food options and a spectacular coast.


5. Cancun 

Possibly the party capital of Latin America and located in a beautiful setting in the East of the country on the ocean. There are accommodation options for all budgets.


Thousands of tourists visit Mexico every year, most head to Cancun and the Riviera Maya on the East Coast, here there are large resort, hotels and its built for tourists. Other places of internest - Palence, Oaxaca, an Cristoba, Mazunte and Isla Mujeres.



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