HIV and Aids are a huge problem in Africa and this has left millions of children orphaned and homeless. In Tanzania this is a big problem, some families are even forced to send their children to orphanages due to poverty. You can join meaningful programs where you travel to Tanzania and help by volunteering at an orphanage or with street children. These programs can be quite emotional when you see poverty close you but you will be able to help and you will be given full training and support when participating. You won't be alone either, there will be volunteers from all over the world helping to.

Lots of international volunteering organisations and local NGO's are tackling problems like homelessness and run centres and orphanages to help children in Tanzania. If you would like to apply but have no experience in this area don't worry, you can become a general volunteer helping staff and no skills are required for this. You will need to be 17 when participating though, you can also join with friends or your family too which is an increasingly popular option.

As a orphanage volunteer you will be caring for children and providing a safe and loving atmosphere for them to play in. On a random day you might be cooking, helping prepare food, dressing children, feeding them and keeping them busy. They will really enjoy having you there helping and nothing can compare to making them smile or seeing how happy they are as a result of the world you do. Creativity is welcomed on orphanage volunteer placements in Tanzania and creating fun sports games is advised. You might be working with around 50 children of different ages during the week whilst weekend are usually free for you to relax or explore the local surroundings.

These projects are located in the city of Moshi, Tanzania which is a popular tourist and adventure travel destination with people going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro. If you would like to make a difference in Africa apply as an orphanage volunteer in Tanzania with Volunteering Solutions.