You can join volunteer programs throughout the year and some of the most popular program destinations are India, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Peru and Costa Rica. There are volunteering programs available which you can join from a period of 1 week to over 6 months. We are accredited by WYSETC and all our programs are fully compliant to the WYSETC guidelines. Our programs start at $200.

There are lots of placements where you can make a big difference, you could apply to work at an orphanage and help children, join educational programs like teaching English, working on skilled placements like medical and healthcare electives, helping communities and street children or working towards improving conservation efforts around the world with animals and the environment. There are also a wide range of internships and volunteer work experience placements where you can gain hands on work experience in different areas like media, journalism and medicine.

These programs are very popular with students, graduates and people looking to make a different on a holiday or career break. All nationalities can apply; you don't need any previous experience but just a desire to help. Popular volunteering programs include travelling to Sri Lanka and working with elephants, helping local NGO's in Kenya and teaching English, working for a magazine in Thailand and working with impoverished communities in India. These are just a few of the opportunities but there really are inspiring projects all around the world which you could join.

Volunteering Solutions is reviewed as a highly credible placement organization and the programs are really rewarding and allow you to have more than just a holiday. You will be able to interact and really help local people whilst you'll be able to understand the culture and atmosphere of countries all around the world. To join you will need to pay a low program fee which includes a donation to local projects and covers your accommodation and food. There will also be lots of free time to travel and see more of a destination and Volunteering Solutions can help you arrange tours and excursions.

Volunteering Solutions are one of the most popular volunteer sending agencies in the world and thousands of people have already participated on programs. For a really meaningful international volunteer experience abroad choose to volunteer with Volunteering Solutions.