Volunteer at an Orphanage in India

Company : Volunteering India
Duration: < 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 250 to 1000 $ Dollars (US)

If you would like to travel to India you might want to think about helping rewarding programs and spend time volunteering at an orphanage. There are lots of orphanages in India which need assistance from international volunteers all year round.

These programs are an amazing way to help children and really make a difference. India is a really special country to visit and by participating on these types of programs you will be able to experience the culture and tradition of this country whilst helping some of the most poorest people who need assistance.

In India poverty affects a lot of people, there are a lot of orphans and street children who live in terrible conditions. But there are also a lot of organisations working to improve the situation and as a volunteer on an orphanage placement in India you can really help. Daily duties might include leading education lessons like teaching English, helping local staff, working with children and helping with class / homework and also helping with health and hygiene. These placements can be quite challenging but they are also a lot of fun, nothing will compare to seeing the children smile as a result of your influence.

There are orphanage placements throughout India and by applying with Volunteering India you will be placed on a safe and structured program. There are lots of orphaned children and youngsters who live in poverty in India who find themselves homeless. NGO's and other voluntary organisations are very active in India helping with the situation but often programs are underfunded and rely on help from local and international volunteers.

On these programs you will not be required to have any previous experience but you will need to give a lot of time, patience, love and attention. By applying to join orphanage volunteering programs in India you will be provided with detailed placement information and also be provided with accommodation and transfers. Everyone is welcome to apply so if you are travelling solo or would like to help programs with your family, friends or colleagues you will be given assistance to join programs.

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Year round.


No specific requirements please see website for more information.

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