On these group volunteering programs you will be able to experience living in a new culture and you'll get to work and interact with local people on a daily basis. These are exciting opportunities where you can do a lot more than just have your average holiday experience. These programs are open to everyone ages 17+ and all nationalities are welcome to apply. You will get to meet people from all over the world and get to work alongside local people and experience international volunteers working to make a difference in India.

Volunteering India have years of experience placing groups on rewarding volunteering programs and can offer advice, help and custom packages which include placements and travel. Whatever your interests are there are programs for you, or if you are open to ideas Volunteering India can suggest inspirational opportunities throughout the country. There are different group volunteering options including short term programs which can last a few weeks, summer programs which are popular with school groups and also long term programs where you could join for a longer period to make a lasting difference. So whatever your availability you will be able to join a program to suit your needs.

There are lots of group placements, so if you are looking for a student / school group, or looking to volunteer with your family or friends you will be able to help programs in India. Volunteering in India can be a really amazing experience and the variety of placements on offer make this an even more appealing destination. You could help community programs, work with people, teach English, help building and construction projects, help at an orphanage or view more volunteer opportunities.

Volunteering India can also help customize programs and assist every step along the way. If you have never volunteered on these types of programs Volunteering India can really help, they have lots of experience helping groups sometimes as large as 30+. There are also travel, trips and excursions on offer for example visiting famous places like the Taj Mahal or if you are seeking adventure how does a trek / hike in the Himalayas sound. India is a huge country and you will really Pink city - Jaipur and visit many historic sites in the capital city of Delhi.