Volunteering India provides a wide variety of gap year volunteer work opportunities across India. Volunteers can choose from short term and long term programs ranging from 1 - 24 weeks and you can apply to join programs today.

We have volunteer gap year work programs in India which include; volunteering in an orphanage, women empowerment / support programs, HIV/Health programs, helping and supporting street children, teaching English & working in day care centres with kids. We provide all these volunteer programs in conjunction with various government approved NGO's which are working towards various community programs.

All volunteer programs in India are very safe and carefully chosen so that both volunteers and the people gain equally through this effort. As a gap year volunteer you can make a significant change in the Indian society and share their love and affection with others which is welcome by all. As part of our effort towards a better society we also actively work under our own NGO - RIAES in northern India.

No foreign volunteering company can provide this affordable, reliable, meaningful and variety of volunteer programs in India as they work with middlemen and agents, thus providing more expensive and programs that are tailor made for tourists and do not aim to work with the locals who are in actual need of support. Come and experience the difference like many others have by joining us. We welcome individuals, groups and families to join our programs in India. We also offer attractive discounts for groups and families who would like to come and volunteer in India with our programs.

Once you have travelled through India, the voyage never ends, but is played out again in the quietest chambers that the mind can never break off from the journey.