The early mornings bring to Tshega vibrant voices - dust dances around the people`s feet, disembarking from their taxis. As the painted sky allows the sun`s rays to tickle my shoulders, I hear the uncontained laughter of a child. Today the TCM family, consisting out of Staff, volunteers, missionaries, children, parents, and villagers, have an opportunity to share His love and bring hope and  I  know this is going to be another fabulous day! 

Tshega Christian Mission (TCM), was established in 2004 to transform the surrounding villages, by bringing in quality education, skills development, and outreach programs.  The surrounding village has a staggering unemployment rate of 95 %.  Women and Children are left alone for months when fathers and husbands migrate to look for work.  Some never return, putting the burden on the unemployed mother to support and feed her children. It is in these villages, nestled in the mountains of Bolubedu, Limpopo Province, South Africa, where you as a volunteer will make a difference.

Your role involves assisting in different levels, and programs, that are part of TCM.  Bringing hope, sharing a hug, sharing your knowledge as well as spending your time in various ways to uplift vulnerable women and their children. You will also provide support at our feeding scheme and homework club in the village. You will run shopping errands and make quarterly dropoffs at the orphaned and vulnerable children`s caregivers.

We run several programs, so any skill and knowledge you bring will be highly useful.  

@ The Lighthouse Academy Primary school & Lambs Haven Kindergarten you can assist educators with the following:

  • Teaching and assisting in Classes (Teaching options only if volunteer is comfortable and with a qualified teacher present.)
  • Assist Art Projects (Assisting in preparation of art lessons)
  • Assist in Sports Program (Athletics, soccer, netball, cross country, physical education)
  • Assist in Social Program (Fun days and events for children)
  • Covering books, marking, researching information for teachers, preparing resources for class activities, reading stories, singing song, rhymes etc.
  • Assist with Admin Work (Typing of tests, information gathering, printing and laminating, general work)
  • Assist with Cultural days (Concerts)Outreach Volunteer Options in the rural Village

@ Basadi - Our skills development program for vulnerable women. (sewing, applique, patchwork)  You can help the ladies by teaching them English, to write properly,  to use a computer, to plan their time, ext. You can help with cutwork and they always welcome someone who can offer their expertise in applique and patternmaking ext.  

@ OVC (orphaned and vulnerable children sponsorship program)that runs in the village, you will assist by going on shopping excursions, by giving your support to the program leader and as stated above, do deliveries at the caregiver houses.

@ Building and maintaining equipment and grounds.  Guys- you are always welcome.  We are in the process of building a Community hall but with lack of funding, this is a bit on hold. There is always maintenance work to be done in some sectors of TCM.

@ Missions work -  We are a mission base and we do outreaches to the village where we just spend time with families, giving them love. Listening to their stories. We share the Gospel and we pray for them.  We do puppet shows, drama, and skids with the children and they get super excited.    The floor is open for volunteers to do any of these activities. 

@ Sports ( athletics, cross-country running, hockey, netball,soccer). 

@ Other - We have a choir, we do a bit of drama, skids, puppet shows, you are welcome to join in and share an Idea or launch something.

@ Weekends -  Weekends are just awesome, relax around the pool at the citrus farm where you will be accommodated or you can choose from many excursion options that are offered such as visiting the Kruger National park, doing the Panorama route, visit Hoedspruit and all its endangered species centres and conservation efforts. There is the canopy tours in Magoebaskloof, horseback riding, Eco park and the Debegeni falls, the list are endless.

As you can see the posibilities as endless, and I for one can't wait to meet you!