That commitment has now moved over to trust as year after year TCM kept keeping the promise to educate, empower and transform. Thousands of lives have been impacted by the sacrifice and obedience of people who saw a need and wanted to make a change. We are driven by a desire to transform the community surrounding us, for the better and we are  committed.

Our programs are designed to give the greatest benefit to our communities in terms of economic and welfare gains and skills transfer.  

We offer one base with a diversity of programs and when you choose to volunteer with us, you know that you are guaranteed a legitimate and valuable program, with diversity for every taste as well as a strong support system. 

We offer something for everyone!

You will be actively involved in The Lighthouse Academy Primary School,  Lamb’s Haven Kindergarten,  TCM Orphaned and Vulnerable children`s program, Feeding scheme and Homework club,  Basadi - Women`s skills development program and an Agri program.