We create customized experiences for clients all over the world. Not only do we sell tours from quality tour operators, we also arrange our own private tours. We're not just making plans, we're helping you create lifelong memories.

We do not offer online bookings and or payments. This is because we work with partners who do not have online booking facilities in place which we can connect to.

We work together with small and large tour operators, but also offer our private and semi- private tours, where we offer our customers the possibility to book tours in a more private setting instead of a large bus, meaning that we use our own luxury vans and drivers. This results in time savings which is used to optimize your tour experiences.

For each tour we have tried to compile as much information as possible, such as generic information, pick up time, duration of the tour, and even a link to a video on YouTube. These videos are not ours, and they have been selected random.

Next we have translated the site into different 10 languages such as; English, German, Dutch, French, Ukrainian, Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish and Chinese.

Currently we have 1 sales office where our clients could book their tours and excursions with an additional ‘information desk’ at the Galaxy supermarket, but after a successful last year we are opening two more locations, plus we are adding 3 mini-vans and drivers to our operations for our private tours.

Our staff requirements: 3 sales managers and 3 Driver/Tour Guides.

Travex Tours Crete has ceased operating.