Experience sunkissed beaches, evocative samba, spectacular views, rich culture, mouth-watering cuisine, vibrant people… Choose to learn Portuguese while having the experience of your life. You simply have to learn by living.


Portuguese Courses in Rio de Janeiro

All our Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro are based on our methodologies Funlearning and Livelearning to make our students feel completely immersed and learn Portuguese faster.

We have different kinds of courses, from group classes for a cheaper price, to full day immersion courses for learning Portuguese faster, as well as private classes to learn at your own pace and Business Classes to learn Business Portuguese and Brazilian Corporate Culture.

We always recommend that you combine our Portuguese courses with our free RioLIVE! Activities where you will keep talking Portuguese with a teacher while you discover Rio de Janeiro. 


RioLIVE! Activities in Rio de Janeiro

RioLIVE! are activities in Rio de Janeiro that we offer each evening to discover the city, while you practice your Portuguese following our Livelearning method.

With RioLIVE! Activities, you discover something new about Brazil, or the Cidade Maravilhosa while you visit the best places in the city, practise your samba steps, dance forró, do beach activities or watch a football game. Every day you will have a RioLIVE! Activity for two or three hours.

Most of all, our Portuguese teachers accompany you throughout and also try to encourage everyone to communicate in Portuguese. Through the RioLIVE! Activities you can go sightseeing and experience the culture of the country while you interact in Portuguese.