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At Peru Volunteer & Travel we really want to make a change. That is why we have created the most affordable, fun and life-changing volunteer programs. 

Peru Volunteer and Travel was created by volunteers who are dedicated to making a change and improving the living standards of thousands of Peruvians that have no access to even the most basic commodities of the modern world. As volunteers, the Peru Volunteer and Travel team knows what you are looking for and what you hope to gain from this experience. We know what your expectations are and that is why we do not only organize your volunteer project in the best and most needy programs, but we also organize your tours here in Peru.

Every day we ask ourselves: how could this wonderful country with so much cultural history be submerged in such unbelievable poverty? Unfortunately, the answers to this question do not solve the problem. Consequently, what are needed to improve the living standards of millions of Peruvians are proactive volunteers who are willing to help.

We have been working hard maintaining programs that bring happiness, development and change to Peruvian’s lives. Believe us, it is an amazing and rewarding feeling when you see the lovely kids running up to you and thanking you for the help you brought or adults smiling and shaking your hand with huge gratitude. Furthermore, assisting animals like dogs, endangered  species and flora and fauna leaves a rewarding feeling of achievement in every volunteer’s spirit.


Apply for a Life Changing Experience!

Whether you will be working in a childcare project or medical placement, teaching English, or any other program, with us, you will be part of the Peruvian reality. You will interact with poor, disabled, and sad children whose faces light up when they see you. The adults will make you feel welcome and will be extremely grateful for your help. It will be a once in a lifetime experience that will forever change your life.

The added plus of Peru is that it is an amazing destination for historical and adventure sightseeing! Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Colca Canyon, the breathtaking jungle, the coast, mountains and the friendly people of Peru all make your adventurous travel to Peru an unbelievable experience.

PERU VOLUNTEER & TRAVEL is committed to offering quality programs and tours. Due to this commitment our volunteers, travelers and the Peruvians in need, we have arranged high quality, safe and satisfactory volunteer placements, housing, and tours. We will never place our volunteers in a placement that is unsafe or of low quality. All our projects, houses, and tours have been approved by the quality control organization in Peru. We are constantly developing new projects with the same high quality standards to help more people in Peru.

So relax, don’t worry! Our experienced team will organize an affordable, safe, top quality adventure so you don’t have to be concerned about anything once you arrive in Peru.

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