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Why India?
In his time, travel pioneer Lars Eric-Lindblad often said that India had more to offer to the travelers than any other country. To experience that, simply travel to India. The Indian Subcontinent is a universe unto itself. A crucible of history where empires rose and fell, birthplace of important religions, redoubt of cultural ethos and traditions, and a land of timeless ebb and flow of paradox and plenty, of orthodoxy as well as liberalism and confront as well as welcome lure of modernity, India has generally defied the imagination and the printed word.

It is here, within the confines of the Himalayas all along the north and the borders of the seas in every other direction, that physical, natural and human diversity of infinite proportions exist. Migrants, warriors, explorers, traders, travelers and teachers, crossed paths with native inhabitants and the result was an intermingling of an extraordinary spectrum of creeds, cultures, ideas and learning. Significant contributions to art, science and statecraft were diffused all over the world. The deep roots of the ancient and medieval will stay intertwined with the emerging India.

Sixty years since Independence, the cumulative legacy of yore is transposed on the road that lies ahead. More than a billion people, the world's largest democracy, about 325 languages and dialects, and divergent and often contradictory pulls and pressures are the complexities of transformation and tradition. Amidst the expanding high-rises of development and prosperity, the banyan tree, the bullock cart and the village will endure.

At Nature Trails india, we make India happen. We customize journeys of fulfillment - it is our heritage and mission, which we've shared with travelers then, now and will in the journey ahead.

Why Nature Trails India?
For over a year,Nature Trails India has been perfecting skills in guiding the discerning traveler across India’s compelling and richly layered landscape.

Nature Trails India custom designs and operates special interest travel programs for individuals and groups to satisfy an almost infinite range of varied interests. Despite an established reputation for quality, value, expertise, reliability and thoughtful attention to details, we remain committed to constantly refining and upgrading our products and services.

The Nature Trails India Advantage.
For principals planning programs to and promoting a destination as complex as India, it is not always apparent how best to design and itinerary in terms of logistic and content. Our contributions here are critical and vital, as much as they are creative and original. We always work very closely with our principals to create programs that are tailored to their expectations. Each itinerary is analyzed with utmost care before finalization, while new or unexpected developments that could enhance or affect the operation of a program are constantly monitored.

Since it’s inception, Nature Trails India has always acknowledged that the key ingredients to success are knowledge, experience and finesse. To this end, we have expended considerable time and effort to identify and bring on board acknowledged specialists in the field. The strength of the company lies in this coalition of talents. Our team of Tour Managers and Study Leaders are experts in their own fields. They provide multi dimensional views, share thoughtful insights and provide perspective that reach beyond the stereotyped “guidebook” response, to illuminate and make sense of this fascinating but often baffling land. And they do this with a light touch, some times laced with humor, never losing sight of the central fact that you are on a holiday.

Let your imagination wander – leave the details to us……