Volunteer at Malawi's Only Wildlife Rescue Centre

Company : Lilongwe Wildlife Trust
Duration: 2 weeks to 3 months
Approx Costs: 1000 to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

Join the team at Malawi's only wildlife sanctuary, the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, and help rescue and rehabilitate injured, orphaned and abused animals.

The Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is Malawi’s only animal sanctuary – widely reputed as one of the best facilities in Africa for its high standards of animal welfare. The Centre is the only sanctuary in the world to have obtained accreditations from the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the Born Free Foundation PAW scheme.
Every single animal that comes into our care – whether as a result of abuse, illegal activity or human-wildlife conflict – receives a carefully tailored programme of support from our team of experts. Where possible, we aim to rehabilitate and return animals to the wild. Those that cannot be released are cared for in the safety of the sanctuary. Volunteering at the Centre will give you a powerful insight into the life-changing and life-saving work of wildlife rehabilitation.

The work

Wildlife rescue & rehabilitation
Most volunteers choose to spend the majority of their time with the animal care team, where work covers the whole rehabilitation spectrum. Expect to get your hands dirty, work hard and sleep well! Duties include animal husbandry (cleaning, sanitation, feeding and enrichment), orphan care, vet clinic support, observations, integrations and reintroductions. You’ll also get the chance to learn more from lectures and presentations about specialist areas of work such as enrichment, observation and rehabilitation techniques.
Education & community outreach
You will also have the opportunity to join our environmental education team at the Wildlife Centre and in schools out in the community. Our outreach team also welcomes help on their adult literacy and fuel briquette projects.

About us

We are Malawi’s first and only wildlife sanctuary and environmental education facility. Our remit has grown in response to the emerging conservation challenges of the past decade and we focus on where we can deliver the greatest impact. Our mission is to save wildlife, campaign for conservation justice and inspire people to value and protect nature in Malawi. 

All of the money raised through our volunteering programme goes towards supporting our wildlife rescue and welfare work. It also supports our education and community projects which are essential for the future of conservation in Malawi and allows us to provide employment for local staff.

Your support enables us to provide food and essential medical care for the animals, as well as improving and implementing our rescue and rehabilitation projects to ensure their survival not only within the centre but also when they are released back into the wild.

Start Dates

All year round.

Costs / Benefits

2 Weeks - £1,370
4 Weeks - £2,235
6 Weeks - £2,885
8 Weeks - £3,450
10 Weeks - £3,930
12 Weeks - £4,350


We welcome volunteers of all walks of life and whilst relevant skills and past experience are very helpful, it is those with enthusiasm, a positive attitude, flexibility and a good work ethic that leave the biggest mark and who get to go home with the greatest sense of achievement. Volunteers are of mixed nationalities and ages, the minimum age to join us is 18 but there is no maximum age limit, the oldest volunteer was 72! Please be as honest as possible on your application form about any concerns about the type of work you can or can’t do and if you have any medical conditions. This will be treated with the utmost confidence and we will let you know if there is something you declare that would compromise your experience with us and what the options are.

Booking / Enquiry

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust Volunteer at Malawi's Only Wildlife Rescue Centre Reviews

LWC veterinary medicine course

I took part in the Lilongwe wildlife trust’s veterinary medicine course in june 2017. It was an amazing experience and I would do it again. The people I met on the course were all extremely knowledgeable, helpful, passionate about wildlife and a pleasure to be around! The course included both theory and practical classes and we spent the last two days on safari between Kuti wildlife reserve and Liwonde NP.
I would highly recommend this course, especially if you are thinking of going into veterinary medicine. Malawi is a beautiful country and the LWC was the cherry on top :)

By: Astrid Dedieu
Nationality: France
Age: 21

Fantastic Experience

I had an amazing experience volunteering here, I met like-minded staff members and volunteers, and you can really make a positive impact on the animals.

The sanctuary takes in mainly orphaned primates, but also any other animals that need care-taking. For every animal taken in, the goal is to release it into the wild again, and handling animals always follow strict protocols, where interaction is only allowed where absolutely necessary. Animals receive all the necessary care to ensure adequate nutrition and a social setting as close as they would experience it in the wild as possible. Enclosures are large and allow animals to avoid proximity to tourists during guided tours. The staff are very friendly and professional, including qualified veterinarians that monitor the animals' health.

Daily tasks can depend on when you participate season and the centers current need, but include a balance between feeding the animals, physical work (center maintenance), enrichment, and community outreach.

By: Benni
Nationality: German
Age: 24

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