Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

Lilongwe Wildlife Trust

We are Malawi’s only accredited wildlife sanctuary for orphaned or injured wild animals as well as being the country’s leading environmental education provider with over 20,000 school children taking part in our education programme each year.

Lilongwe Wildlife Centre was set up in 2007, and now years on, our work year has stretched far beyond wild animal rescue and rehabilitation.

We not only provide sanctuary for these animals but also campaign on their behalf to raise the profile of wildlife welfare and conservation. Furthermore, a number of our projects help to preserve and restore habitats in protected areas as well as those accessed by the communities.

Working closely with the local communities is crucial to our work. We believe that educating the younger generations holds the key to ensuring the continuation of Malawi’s rich biodiversity and lush landscape. We’re now the country’s leading environmental education provider with over 20,000 school children taking part in the centre’s education programme each year.

This is followed by our extensive community outreach programmes which promote empowerment and sustainable livelihoods, encouraging people to live in harmony with the environment.

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Tel: +265 (00) 993720566

Address : Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, PO Box 2140, Lilongwe, Malawi

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Lilongwe Wildlife Trust Reviews

The Emerald Gem of Lilongwe

My wife and I spent 9 months living in Malawi from 2016-2017. We lived a few miles from the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust. I'm an avid birder and signed up to be a member of the LWT as soon as we moved there. The central region of Malawi is very dry and dusty as most of the trees have been cleared for farming or fuel, the LWT is a beautiful escape from all the dust as it remains the only forest area left in Lilognwe proper. I spent hours walking the trails looking for birds and other wildlife. The guided tours through the facility where they care for the animals is very nice as well, though you only need to do it about once enless they've gotten new animals in, then there might be some variation. Overall I loved my experiences at the trust and would highly recommend anyone visiting Lilongwe to check it out.

By: Michael Eaton
Nationality: United States
Age: 30

Amazing experience!!

I volunteered for 2weeks in August 2017 and got the chance to help out on the veterinary programme, as I am a student vet nurse. It was truly an amazing experience and I would do it again. I also helped out with the animal care team and activities to help the centre (eg. designing a display). The project operates a strict hands-off policy as their goal is to release as many animals as possible. However during orphan season you are able to feed them (it wasn't orphan season when I went). All the staff are very friendly and make you feel at home. The centre and the trust do some amazing things for wildlife and I am happy I was part of it.

By: Emma Onyejekwe
Nationality: British
Age: 24

A wonderful and ethical organisation to work with

I worked for LWT for six months as a rehabilitation assistant and a primate researcher. They are one of the best and most ethical organisations I’ve ever worked with. The animals in their care are always top priority, with a strict hands-off policy and great integration protocols. It was amazing to get to know the wonderful staff and all the different personalities of the animals I worked with, made even better by the knowledge that they were heading for a better life. Their release programmes are top-notch and the work they do with local communities and schools around the country is inspiring. I highly recommend LWT to anyone who wants to volunteer with the incredible wildlife of Africa in a caring and ethical environment.

By: Dearbhaile
Nationality: Ireland
Age: 27

Jungle in the City

Located in the heart of the city, on the banks of Lingadzi River, Lilongwe Wildlife Centre is not just any other sanctuary you go to see Animals, walking out the gates you'll have learnt a lot about wildlife in Malawi.

Unlike zoos, their main aim is to play a part in enforcing animal rights and care for injured animals, helping them, later realising them back in the wild.

Educating people through their educational programs and awareness campaigns on the importance of nature which can be seen on information boards all over the place.

The animals are put in large enclosures where they can roam freely, creating a feel of their natural habitat, then later released back into the wilderness.

Being a first of its kind in Malawi, the presence of LWC has unveiled the need for Malawi to put much effort in preserving nature and push forward on the fight against a lot of malpractices that negatively affect wildlife in Malawi.

By: Thomas Mendulo
Nationality: Malawian
Age: 23

9 weeks volunteering at LWC

The Lilongwe Wildlife Center is an excellent volunteering facility just outside Malawi's capitol. The sanctuary takes in mainly orphaned primates, but also any other animals that need care-taking. For every animal taken in, the goal is to release it into the wild again, and handling animals always follow strict protocols, where interaction is only allowed where absolutely necessary.
Animals receive all the necessary care to ensure adequate nutrition and a social setting as close as they would experience it in the wild as possible. Enclosures are large and allow animals to avoid proximity to tourists during guided tours.
The staff are very friendly and professional, including qualified veterinarians that monitor the animals' health. The volunteers daily activities are various, depending on season and the centers current need, but include a balance between feeding the animals, physical work (center maintenance), enrichment, and community outreach.
Overall, I had a very fantastic experience, with like-minded staff members and volunteers, and everyday you can tell yourself you left a positive impact on the animals.

By: Benni
Nationality: German
Age: 24

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