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Company : Intrepid Travel
Duration: 1 week to 2 weeks
Approx Costs: 1500 to 2000 £ Pound (UK)

Breathtaking coastline, lush green landscapes and tranquil temples are only the beginning of this eclectic adventure.

Kick off in Taipei, where heritage charm meets cosmopolitan buzz, and make your way to the idyllic Sun Moon Lake, a hiking and cycling paradise. 

The city of Hualien boasts mountain trails, marble gorges and Pacific Ocean panoramas right on its doorstep, while Yilan is a wonderland of creative farms and hot springs. Along the way, get behind-the-scenes glimpses of local industries, enjoy hands-on food activities, and experience an older, slower Taiwan – from Lukang's Longshan Temple to the marvellous wooden sculptures of Miaoli.



  • Get behind the scenes of Taiwan's exciting food culture – go oyster picking in Wangong, sip Yuchih black tea at a plantation, and cook spring onion pancakes with your own hand-picked ingredients
  • Become a 'Sweet Potato Mama' as you join a street-food merchant on their daily routine. This is both a unique experience and a great cause, with proceeds going to the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation
  • Hike, ride and kayak around the stunning Sun Moon Lake. Taiwan's one and only natural lagoon doubles as one of the world's top cycling spots
  • Scenes like the Qingshui Cliffs make Taiwan one of the hottest new destinations for nature-lovers. Snap a photo of these rugged bluffs as they drop dramatically into the sparkling blue Pacific Ocean
  • Named after the local Truku word for 'magnificent' and 'splendid', Taroko Gorge more than lives up to its name. The Shakadang Trail is a hiker's dream, a shadowy world of coastal cliffs and marble canyons



  • Day 1: Taipei
  • Day 2: Taipei
  • Day 3: Hualien
  • Day 4: Hualien
  • Day 5: Yilan/Jiufen
  • Day 6: Sun Moon Lake
  • Day 7: Sun Moon Lake
  • Day 8: Lukang
  • Day 9: Miaoli/Taipei
  • Day 10: Taipei



  • £1,268GBP

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