TEFL Course in Florence, Italy

Company : International TEFL and TESOL Training
Duration: 3 weeks to 4 weeks
Approx Costs: 1000 to 1500 $ Dollars (US)

Apply to take our TEFL course in Florence and soon you could be experiencing life in the home of The Renaissance.

Our teacher trainers in Florence are all highly qualified and experienced professionals who have many years of experience teaching in the classroom. Our facilities are modern, comfortable and our classes are always attended by real non-native speakers so you will be doing your teaching practice in a real teaching environment. Believe it or not, many courses have you teaching fellow trainees while simply playing the role of a student.

TEFL course students come from a wide variety of countries and backgrounds (although most do come from native English speaking countries). Our teacher trainers are all highly qualified and experienced, while our Italian support staff are also extremely helpful and happy to provide you with any assistance that you need in order to ensure that your time in Florence is as varied and enjoyable as possible.

The course fees listed on our website are inclusive of course-related lessons, materials, teaching practice, assessments, certificates, references, lifetime job assistance and more. We have no hidden costs or extra charges so the prices you see on the site are the prices you will pay. Training here doesn’t mean you have to stay and teach in Italy. If you would like to move on after the course we offer lifetime assistance finding jobs and our certificates are recognised worldwide.

We are also pleased to offer a variety of accommodation options for your stay while you attend our TEFL course in Florence. However, it is important to note that Florence is a very popular tourist destination and as such, many of the accommodation options have limited availability, particularly during the summer months. Therefore, if you have any special accommodation requirements, we would recommend that you book as early as possible.



  • Deposit US$600 (to be paid upfront) + Balance Euros 1190 (to be paid on arrival)



If you are at least 18 years of age and speak English fluently, you are eligible to apply for the course. The application is brief and we will send you a prompt reply. Once approved, you will receive additional information about the course content and schedule, your accommodation options, travel arrangements, as well as payment options and more.

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International TEFL and TESOL Training TEFL Course in Florence, Italy Reviews

A great experience in Florence

I completed the 120hr in class course in Florence, Italy, in September 2017. It was one of the hardest yet most rewarding things I have ever done and it has changed my life. I highly recommend booking and completing an in class course through ITTT as it is definitely worth it. I had support from start to finish and I now live and work in Florence at one of the beat schools in the city. The website was easy to navigate before I booked and the process was easy. Do it now!!!!!

By: Nicola
Nationality: British
Age: 31

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