Humanitarian Project in Mombasa

The HUMANITARIAN PROJECT IN MOMBASA is dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished children, their families and communities.

Its operation is guided by both international and national laws. Committed to turning the tide of HIV/AIDS across Kenya, with free access to counseling after-school tutoring, mentoring, providing clean water and recreational programs on self feeding and self funding to the affected families.


Due to lack of care centers (feeding programs) and education to care for the orphaned children as result of natural attrition HIV aids pandemic coupled with severe lack of employment among the less privileged families especially children from weak family set ups in the streets. This is a very common scenario nowadays in our towns and cities and these children result into all manner of survival tactics. And with such lifestyle its gets very easy to adopt a very pathetic life with so many danger and risk.

Lack of guidance and no one to care for these kids leads them to indulge in a life of sex, drugs and crime. These children get misused thorough Cheap child labor and prostitution to raise income to buy illegal drug substances. As the kids mature they bear fatherless children on the streets early in adolescent’s life. Every day AIDS turns a child into an orphan, our staff spent time meeting people in the villages discussing how we can help families immediate needs and their long term opportunity.

Humanitarian Project in Mombasa is a Nonprofit and Non political organization Established on the year 2007 by Mr and Mrs. Robert Mueke . Currently we provide support to over 100 children and 50 poor families living in the slums nearby. The children we serve in Mombasa have no families and no where else to turn to they are total orphaned lonely, sick and without hope.

Overall Goals

1. To provide educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities for youth and adults.
2. To offer educational advancement opportunities for adults and seniors.
3. To ensure that no one in HPM or in surrounding areas goes hungry

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