Hope Foundation

Hope Foundation (HF) is a registered German and Cameroonian non-profit development and non- governmental registered organization which was founded by a group of young dynamic and committed community leaders in the year 2001.

The primary goal and objectives are enhancing intercultural relationships in Germany and Europe and in promoting community development and alleviating poverty in rural and needy areas of Cameroon, thereby improving the standards of living of the local communities in Cameroon.



  • Bridging Cultures: to promote intercultural relationships and enhance awareness about different cultures in high schools in Berlin,
  • The Shoe Aid Project: collecting and giving shoes to those in need,
  • Malaria Free Cameroon: fighting the plight of Malaria in Cameroon,
  • The Dental Hygiene project: to enhance mouth hygiene education among young people in Cameroon.
  • Football 4 Life: various football tournaments held during the summer holidays in different areas in Cameroon to reach the youth on the problems of HIV-AIDs and drugs.
  • Rising Education: Building a primary school in the east of Cameroon for 300 pupils in collaboration with the Technical,University Berln
  • Constructing new and renovating old water points in variois local areas of Cameroon and finally
  • Distributing donations to various groups of people. These are always clothing, books, household material, mosquitonets, shoes and more to orphans, widows and people with no source of income.

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