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The first Headwater guests travelled with us in 1985 when we were just three people running the operation from the kitchen table!

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Headwater is one of the specialist market leaders in the UK offering activity holidays in rural, undiscovered areas of Europe and the Med. From April to November we offer cycling holidays, guided walking holidays, independent walking holidays and canoeing holidays. In 1989 we started running our cross country skiing holidays during the winter months, from December to March.

We do not run large group holidays, and go out of our way to avoid coach parties. In the summer months on our independent walking and independent cycling holidays, clients can normally arrive every two days. As we only have 4 rooms contracted at each hotel, even on the busiest of arrivals days you are unlikely to have more than eight people PER HOLIDAY to look after. (As most regions have at least 2 holidays on offer, you?ll typically have up to 16 guests arriving on a busy day). On both our guided walking and cross country skiing holidays there is normally only one arrival day per week.

As with any job in the travel business, a service industry, our staff are employed to provide a service. Working for Headwater can be fun, but it does also involve a great deal of hard work, requiring both brain and in some cases muscle power. It demands a high level of adaptability, tolerance, common sense and organisational skills.

Our overseas staff must be prepared to be on call 24 hours a day and willing to tackle any emergency. In some circumstances this may lead to them suffering a certain amount of discomfort or inconvenience themselves, in order that our clients receive the standard of service they expect from our company.

Basically, if it's a 9-5, Monday - Friday job you're looking for, or if you fancy yourself sunbathing everyday by the swimming pool then you're applying to the wrong company!

If you'd like more information on our overseas jobs and access to our on-line application form then simply click on the links to the right or, alternatively, contact our Operations Manager, Mike Wheeler, on +44 (1606) 720006 Mike.Wheeler@Headwater.com

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