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Handivangelism Minsitries is a registered nonprofit organization in Ghana with the main objective of to reduce vulnerability among disdavantaged children and young people in deprived and underserved communities.

For the realization of this objectives,it operates two Children Residentai Home ; providing shelter, care and protection for this children; which cases are mostly from referrals from the Domestic Violence Victims Support  Unit of The Ghana Police Service through the State Department of Social Welfare.

These cases involve abused, trafficked, abandoned and missing children between the ages of 3 and 15 years.

HVMI-Gh operates 2 children residential centes in Accra,with the principal objectiveof improving several key outcomes for orphaned and vulnerable children through multi sectoral and discplinary approaches,with the view of empowering to live in a manner that allow for their maximum independence and intergartion into mainstream society as productive and responsible citizens,

HVMI-Gh's Centres are designed to address the educational,physical,psychological and emotional needs of the children we work for; while providing a safe and structural environment, where these children feel free to thrive and realize their full potential as adults.

The objectives of the centres include guaranteeing regular school attendance, monitoring propper dietary intake,recreational activities to build and strengthen their self esteem and teamwork; cretaing opportunities for community involvemet and growth, and providing an emotional and psycho-social support systems.

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