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Founded in 1995, Hailiang Education Group, a NASDAQ-listed company, has campuses with a total number of 60000 students and staff.

Hailiang Education Park, among all campuses, was put in use in September, 2015, and has since started running K-12 Cambridge programmers with state-of-the-art facilities.

The successful business range from nonferrous metals, real estate construction, ecological agriculture, environmental protection, basic education, and industrial finance, as well as health care, diversified industrial progress, and professional development for the industries.

Hailiang employs more than 19,000 individuals. They celebrate three listed companies at home and abroad. In 2017, the Group's operating income reached 164.1 billion RMB with the total assets amounted to 70 billion RMB. In 2018, the Hailiang Group ranked 109th among the Top 500 enterprises in China, 22nd among the Top 500 private enterprises in China, and 4th among the Top 100 enterprises in Zhejiang Province.



Every little makes a difference is Hailiang’s core value of talents. Our employees’ passion and ambition make Hailiang what it is today. To embrace and to mutually benefit is Hailiang’s company culture—while our employees are working hard to bring success to Hailiang, Hailiang is also doing our best to support every employee through providing above-average salary, comprehensive insurance and welfare, and a platform to shine.

Hailiang’s idea of success is not only a personal halo but a greater glory with everyone’s efforts. Altogether, we can even light up the society. To Hailiang Education Group, social responsibility always comes first. Being thoughtful, responsible, creative, and passionate in teaching is the hiring standard of Hailiang Education group. We aim to incubate fine men and women for the society. We not only assist our students to shine but are lighting up the society through every single fine individual.



In Zhejiang, Hailiang Education Group has a long history in providing large-scale and high-quality education.. It is not only equipped with highest-standard learning facilities but also built with stores such as supermarkets and restaurants in hoping to form students’ notion of the society.


Classroom and Office

Besides providing a great learning environment for students, the campus is also designed to create pleasant working experience for our employees here.


About Zheijang

Hailiang Education Group is located in Zhejiang, a culturally abundant province where the famous Western Lake is in. Asides from its historical value, even from the modern perspective, it is also one of the most prosperous province of China for you to travel and experience both the past and modern Chinese culture.


Job Benefits

  • End-of-year bonus range from 500-6000RMB depends on school evaluation.
  • Average of 10 work days followed with 4-5 days off,and 1 day off within the 10 work days.
  • 100% reimbursement of round-trip airfare for the first year of contract.12500RMB from the second school year.
  • Winter and summer vacation entitlement.
  • Maximum of 40 teaching hours every 10 work days.


Professional Development

  • Professional title promotion evaluation is regularly reviewed. 
  • Teachers’ professional training and development are conducted domestically and internationally.

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