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HAGGiS Adventures have been pioneering the best budget tours in Scotland and sharing their passion since 1993. Explore Scotland with HAGGIS Adventures.

Back in 1993 a dynamic team of Scots established a backpacker travel company that broke the mould - fully guided trips that allowed intrepid young adventurers to discover Scotland with the best, most knowledgeable and sexiest Guides leading the way.

We have always stuck stubbornly to our mission – to make every trip we run the best yet. We believe that a country's culture, history, myths and legends can only truly come to life through a local and that you can have an incredible time travelling on a budget. Therefore choice is at the heart of what we do. It's your trip so we don't package or impose restrictive kitties.

We also have a book and go guarantee and mean just that. We have never cancelled a single trip. You have made the effort to come and explore our country so the least we can do is show you around!

HAGGiS has built its reputation through word of mouth recommendation and having started with just one trip we now run a whole range of award-winning adventures throughout Scotland and also Cornwall and Wales.


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HAGGiS Adventures Reviews

Fantastic Company!

Haggis Adventures is a great tour company with passionate and knowledgeable guides who have a love for their country. You will fall in love with the beautiful scenery, Scottish humour and the wonderful people. Tours are very well priced for the quality transport, tour guide and accommodation provided. The shared accommodation was good quality with convenient locations at each stop. I would highly recommend this tour company to anyone who is visiting Scotland!

By: Tori
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Sky High

Absolutely loved my Haggis adventure with tour guide Carrie! She poured her heart and soul into all of her stories, her driving and Into all of us! I made a life long overseas friend on this trip!!! Carrie had a way of making everything seem magical and fun! I would do this again, 100% and have already recommended to friends! Love you Carrie and thanks again!

By: Ebony
Nationality: Australian
Age: 27

Had a blast with Haggis

I recently did the 10 day compass buster tour with Haggis and absolutely loved it! It was great having local Scottish guides and they shared the funniest stories with us. Our first tour guide especially knew so much about the history of Scotland. The ten day tour was a great way to see so much of the country, especially as it allowed me to go to the Outer Hebrides and Orkney. The guides knew a lot about the places we visited, and we got to see a lot of interesting extras, and often stopped at amazing nature places off the beaten track.

Overall Haggis was a great experience and an excellent way to get around Scotland on the cheaper side. Scotland is so beautiful, and having a way to see so much of the country and local Scottish guides taking you there was a great way to do it. I loved the different hikes we did and the many different places we visited, and the insider's view of the culture. It was also a great way to meet fellow minded travelers. Would definitely do another tour in the future.

By: Ellie
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Haggis adventure

Best holiday i ever had, best tour guide u can imagine supergill for ever, we also had the best group.
Thanks for having this awesome experience.

By: Thomas Redl
Nationality: Österreich
Age: 22

Highland Fling

Incredible! Worth every cent. I’ll never forget the stunning views, magical castles and out of this world steak pies along the way. I loved the chilled out/relaxed ‘get there when we get there and we’ll stop wherever you like along the way’ attitude. What you discover will blow your mind. Hairy Coos were definitely a highlight.

By: Ellie
Nationality: Australian
Age: 20

Great experience and affordable too

I went on the 7 day coast to coast tour and had an absolute blast. Our tour guide was amazing and managed to be both funny and also extremely informative without feeling g bogged down with knowledge. It was great that we didn’t spend too long on the bus either, with frequent stops along the way making it very enjoyable. All together I thoroughly enjoyed my time during my haggis tour and my only problem is that I didn’t choose a longer trip because it was that good!

By: Claire
Nationality: Australian
Age: 22

Day Tour: Alnwick castle

Day tour to Alnwick castle & nearby area. Bus is clean & driver/guide (Gillian) is full of fun & information about the area & surroundings. Will book again ;) keep up the good work!

By: Anna Belle
Nationality: British
Age: 54


I have been on a few group tours and this has been the best one so far, our tour guide Iain was amazing and super knowledgeable. Even after missing out on some activities due to unforeseen circumstances, Our tour guide more than made it up to us with some team bonding experiences. Scotland is beautiful and I couldn’t think of a better way to see it than going with Haggis Adventures!

By: Taylor
Nationality: Australian
Age: 26

Definitely worth it!

I had an amazing 3-days trip with HAGGIS. Our guide/driver Rich did a great job by telling us in an intersting & funny way facts and stories about Scotland. We saw amazing places, did enough toilet stops, had good hostels, a funny pub quiz night and met interesting people. Everything was very well planned and organized. I would recommend HAGGIS to everyone who really wants to have an authentic Scottish experience - great value for money!

By: Melanie
Nationality: Swiss
Age: 23

The Very Best of Scotland

I had the most incredible time exploring Scotland with Haggis Tours. I booked onto the Easter in Scotland tour, which was a three day tour through the scottish highlands and the Isle of Skye. Being three days long, I thought that the tour would be very fast paced with brief stops and each location, but I was pleasantly suprisef at how wrong I was. Although the days were long, our tour manager and driver organised for us to start our days earlier in order to get more out of each day, enabling us more time at each stop. And it was well worth it! I would 100% recommend booking a tour with haggis to explore everything that Scotland has to offer. If you fancy hearing more about my adventure check out my blog post at fernwehfootprints.com

By: Veronica
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23


I absolutely fell in love with Scotland! And this tour was an amazing way to do it! The tour guide was so knowledgeable about Scotland’s rich history and fun and jovial. The places we went were places you dream of going to with rich beauty and history and hands on tours in each location! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to see Scotland nor learn about its impressive history!

By: Isabella
Nationality: Australian
Age: 23

Don't Hesitate on the Highland Fling!

Scotland was my first solo trip, so I decided to book a group tour to ease into it and researched quite a few before settling on Haggis Adventures - and I'm so glad I did! My guide, Lee, was fantastic - super knowledgable about Scotland, enthusiastic, and made sure we all had a great time while exploring his country. Not only is Scotland beautiful, but a warm and welcoming place made all the better by having someone who knows their stuff. We spent an appropriate amount of time in each location and was a great intro to Scottish culture. I'm still friendly with several of the guides and even convinced a friend to book a trip with them and he loved it as well! Don't hesitate with Haggis, just book!

By: Paige Lussier
Nationality: United States
Age: 28

Highland Fling- awesome!

I went on the Haggis Adventures Highland Fling tour, and it was probably the highlight of my 2 months in Europe.
My guide Rich was a great guy, full of knowledge, funny stories and had a big heart. This seemed to be the norm for Haggis tour guides.
All the places we visited and the parties we had were perfect.
Really quite affordable too. Can't recommend enough

By: Robbie Barker
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21


I couldnt recommend this company enough! Our driver/guide Gillian was amazing! She made sure we were all well informed about the history of Scotland. A storyteller for sure! I was amazed at what we got to see and do in the 7 days spent with the group. The accommodation was also on point. I loved Scotland so much and Haggis made sure we all had a good time!

By: Tara Jones
Nationality: New Zealand
Age: 29

Loved it

There are really no words to describe the beauty of the scottish highlands. So therefore how could the tour be bad?
We spend 12 hours with our guide, he told us stories or we just listened to nice music.
We had a few nice stops and toilet breaks and saw everything we had to see, since we did the highland explorer tour!
I recommended this tour to a few people I met around Edinburgh and would do it again.

By: Sina
Nationality: German
Age: 22

Amazing Tour

I did the 3 day Isle of Skye tour which was absolutely amazing. 3 days was definitely not long enough! Our tour guide Lee Duncan was great, gave us his unlimited information and definitely made the trip an unforgettable one. Such beautiful scenery with the only let down of this tour is not enough stops to take more amazing photos (was enough but would never be for me!). We had plenty stops with the short amount of time on the tour but got to see so many amazing places. Cannot recommend Haggis Adventures enough and know so many more who first recommended it to me too.

By: Brenna
Nationality: New Zealander
Age: 29

Highland Fling

The 5 day Highland Fling lead by Chris P was an amazing experience. I learnt so much about Scottish history and culture and made so many amazing new friends. The highlights include a hike on the Isle of Skye with breathtaking views. Followed by a night of Scottish dancing in Oban. This trip is such good value and should not be missed.

By: Siobhan
Nationality: Australian
Age: 21

Hebridean Hopper

Amazing trip with an authentic Scottish guide who knew all the secrets of Scotland! Driving around the mountains listening to bagpipes on the radio was an experience I will never forget! Saw parts of Scotland I wouldn’t have seen on my own! Great small group tour who I am still in touch with today (4 Years later).

By: Grace
Nationality: Kiwi
Age: 21

Fantastic experience!

I loved my experience with Haggis Adventures! Great value, amazing driver/guide in ChrisP and a fabulous country to explore! I did the Highland Fling and was pleases with how much we were able to see, whilst also getting to actually hike and get out and about. The Ceilidh was so much fun and I feel like I got to learn a lot while enjoying the beauty around me. Highly recommend.

By: Elly
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 31

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