Gumot Elementary Rural School

To provide better education opportunities and improved school facilities and environment for Gumot Elementary School kids in Northern Luzon in the Philippines.

We have a great selection of hands-on volunteer projects that you can not only fund, but also run in whatever capacity you would like, or feel capable of, gaining great skill exposure plus enjoying the hands-on and on-location experience.


Fund it! Run it! Enjoy it!

We have a great selection of hands-on volunteer projects that you can not only fund, but also run, in whatever capacity you would like, or feel capable of. This will give you great exposure to new skills plus allow you to enjoy the hands-on and on-location experience.

You can work alone on your project, or work with a team, such as with members of your work place, but no matter how you do it, you will be 100% supported by the local project directors to make sure everything runs smooth, to budget and everyone has fun.


Key Values These Projects Offer

100% of your contribution is used to benefit the Gumot community with the majority going to support the Gumot elementary school children and school itself, in the form of project/teaching materials. Nothing goes to an overseas organising body or agent.

You do what you want while the local project director wil do the rest ensuring you can gain the skills you want but never feel overwealmed. This means that inexperienced people can run these projects and everyone will learn massively while supporting a superb cause.

There are a large number of projects at the school - visit the project website - they consist of both teaching and infrastructure projects. And if there is not a project listed that meets your team or budget requirments, if the project investment is enough, a special project can be created just for you.


Teaching Projects

There is a strong need for the following teaching subjects with the children and possibly with the teachers as well :

ENGLISH (structured or conversational)

While it would be superb if you have teacher training, or are undergoing a training course, even conversational English would be hugely benefitting for the kids, seeing they are never exposed to native English speakers in the community. So even if you are not trained you can still add massive value to the kids and you will be guided by your local hosts if needed.


There are no trained art teachers at the school so the kids really miss out on this superb developmental experience. There are lots of blank walls inside and outside the classrooms that would benefit from murals painted by you and the kids.


The teachers have just basic computer skills so even if you only have high-school computer skills these would be 200% more than what the teachers have so everyone will learn from you. The school has a desperate shortage of computers so your contribution could be used to purchase new computers.


Project Uniqueness

A unique part of these projects is that you are the one choosing how you would like to spend the schools contribution amount and you will be the one going shopping for what is needed, after you discover what the real needs are. This way you are 100% connected to the real need and your presence adds not just an educational value from your teaching, but the kids and school will enjoy your contribution for years after you have left. 


Creating The Project Funds

If you feel excited with our projects but do not have the funds yourself, then you can fundraise in your community, or even run a crowdfunding project to raise the money. We can support you with materials including raw video so you can create your fundraising project easily. 


Where You Will Stay & Your Local Sponsor/Support

These projects are managed and created by the Happy House Farm which is the Gumot school local project manager and international promotion partner. The Happy House Organic Farm is located just five minutes up the road from the school overlooking the Ocean. It's where you will stay during your visit and have all your needs such as cooking and accommodation met, allowing you to 100% focus on your work with the kids and the school.

The farm is totally integrated into the local community so you will be a part of an amazing local experience and you will be supported fully by your hosts during your stay including project and teaching support. The farm also attracts a lot of overseas travelers so you normally will have great company with 3 or 4 other overseas people.

The costs of your stay are part of the project amount, so there is nothing extra to pay.



Type this into Google Maps and you will find the school if you zoom in using satellite view: 16.210254, 120.441771

The school is in a beautiful hilly rural area with just a few roads, but is only 10 minutes tricycle ride to the national highway, and 30 minutes ride to the local town of Rosario. Baguio City is just 1 1/2 hours away, and Manila is 5 - 6 hours south (your entry point to the country unless you fly into Clark in Angelese City - 2 hours north of Manila). The beach and ocean is only 20 minutes walk away.



  • Under 18's are welcome
  • If you are under 18 then you will need to come with an adult supervisor that is over 21. We welcome families and groups running projects together

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